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 Mark Duguid
Gordon Murphy Fraser Russell Derek Young 
 Laura Lee Rob Smith Alan Prentice John Mott
Janice Young Alix McNicol-Cox Philip Allison Graham Menzies  
Edmond Mansion  Rona Dingwall
Alan Semple Don MacLeod


 A single event competition this year on Sunday 27th January with teams 1v2 and 3v4 playing at 11.00 with the winners playing after lunch at 14.00.  All games at the NCA.  This is the first time we have tried this format and at the weekend so it will be good to see how this works out.


Well the short story is that Fraser, Alan P, Philip and Alan S won the KO Competition — well done.

I sidled along to the Peak near the end of the first game to find both rinks in the throws of two very competitive games; in fact one rink was tied on ends and shots, the other with ends on 4-3 and 7-6 on shots. Too close to call. I must admit that the standard of play looked good, almost “professional” and the ice was playing well. However Mark managed to get a 2 in the final end to win his game against Gordon whilst Fraser managed to secure the final end to win against Derek’s team. The story of the first round seemed to be Fraser’s escape from a near 6 or 7 or 8 (depending who told me the story) shot drubbing with a well delivered skip’s stone to avoid embarrassment.

Lunch was a busy affair — I’ve not seen the restaurant at the Peak so busy for a while which is good to see. Food was good and Janice did a sterling job of organising the money.

The final between Mark and Fraser, played with teams of three to balance the teams, saw Fraser gain an early advantage of 2 ends up which Mark nibbled away at but not quite enough for a final close finish of 4-3 on ends.

This is the first time we have played the KO in a continuous competition rather than over three sessions so it would be good to get feedback. Also your feedback on weekend play which we have trialled this year for the first time.