Borestone and Stirling Curling Club are members of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club or RCCC, the national governing body for curling in Scotland and as such is involved in numerous competitions.

The RCCC is divided up into areas and provinces within them. The club is part of Area 6 which contains Scottish Central, Forth & Endrick, Stirlingshire and West Lothian Provinces and belongs to  Stirlingshire Province.

As with any inter-club game, it is important to adhere to proper behaviour on the ice by turning up promptly, be ready to play before the bell and follow RCCC rules and etiquette. The games may be competitive but there is a need to start with a hand shake and wishing a good game to all.

Please remember that if you fail to show for a Province or Inter-club game you may become liable to pay the entire ice fee for that rink (up to £84).

There may be occasions where games are played at venues outside Stirling. Please make sure you are aware of where the game is being played.