On Friday we played our annual match against Bonnybridge for the honour of retaining (and cleaning) the Bonnybridge Quaich.  Alan L, subbing for Mark, skipped the team of Laura, Gillian and Don.  They started very well and were 4-0 up by the end of the third end but frankly thereafter squandered their advantage letting Bonnybridge back into the game for a final 5-5 shots score by the end of play — shockingly slack of them!! — ha ha.   The good news is that they won on ends — 4-3.     Brinkmanship or what!!!   Well done Alan, Laura, Gillian and Don — photo of the happy squad attached.



Apologies for the photo below — a bit harrowing I know!! Nonetheless this bunch of curling misfits came good this evening to win back the Bonnybridge Quaich in our inter-club match against Bonnybridge. The score was 8-5.

Well done Tom, Rob, Gordon and Don.

So out of our four inter-club matches we have won three trophies — not bad at all.


Well we played our yearly match against Bonnybridge yesterday evening and I have to disclose that we have lost yet another trophy; that is three inter-club games we have managed to lose this year!     Not good folks.

Anyway the game started well with a 1 for them then a 1 for us, a 4 for them then a 4 for us — all square halfway through.  Then the wheel came off the wagon but basically the big turning point was a brilliant shot (or a totally lucky shot depending on which team’s point of view) by Bonnybridge’s skip to slot a stone through an impossible gap to convert our almost certain 3 for us to zilch.   The final score was a disappointing 10-5.

Well done to Bonnybridge.