1 2 3 4
 Fiona Wilson  Alix McNicol-Cox  Laura Lee  Ruth Morrison
Sue Fothergill   Anne Ferguson
 Rona Dingwall Jill Patrick
Alan Prentice Philip Allison Fergus McNicol Graham Menzies 
Richard Norman Fraser Russell Rob Smith John Mott


Playing 1v2 3v43v4




The hotly contested Stevenson Trophy was held yesterday evening with Alix’s A-team squaring up to Fiona’s Fab 4. Fiona started well and by the end of the fourth end was 3 ends to 1 up — looking good. However Alix must have had a serious chat with her team (fingers were wagging!!) as they won every end from then on with a final score of 4 ends to 3 and a score of 12 shots to 3.

On the other rink Laura’s Layabouts started well against Ruth’s Rebels and by the end of the fourth end were 3 ends to 1 up. Ruth’s team soldiered on winning another two ends however Laura limped in with a win on 4 ends to 3 and 9 shots to 4.

So with a tie on 4 ends, shots decided a win for Alix with her 12 shots against Laura’s 9. Well done to Alix, Anne, Philip and Fraser.

The format this year had the normal Skips/3rds by in large at Lead and Second positions and boy did we make the most of it — criticising the skips for anything and everything. The downside was all the sweeping we were expected to do!!

All in all a good evening’s curling and running the competition on ends was far more interesting and kept the teams on their toes right to the final end.

After the match 12 adjourned to Gabe’s Diner for a well earned meal. Good company and chat.