Club Matches (Internal Competitions)

Club matches are organised and run by the club and the trophies that are awarded belong to the club and remain so.

Only a part of the membership are allocated to teams and the remainder act as a pool of alternative players should a team member be unable to play a match in the draw. Simply look through the membership and contact those not playing to find a substitute and let the skip know who will replace you. If you fail to show for a game your ice will be charged at non-member rates.

The club's bonspiel to open the new season.

Pairs: R 1- 18th Oct 18.00-20.00; R2 23rd Oct 18.00-20.00; R3 30th Oct 20.30-22.30 and Final Mon 4th Dec 18.00-20.00 R3 Mon 22nd Nov 21.00-23.00; Pairs final (winner of Group A V winner of Group B) Mon 29th Nov 21.00-23.00. 5 ends of 3 stones per player (7 ends and 4 stones per player for the final) or by time. A virtual bell will be rung at 55 mins to complete the first game and allow the second game to proceed; 3 qualifying stones for free guard zone (FGZ) for rounds 1 ,2 &3; 5 qualifying stones for FGZ for the final.

The club will not be running a points competition but would encourage members to enter the Beattie Points competition organised by Stirling Curling Group.

Alex McFeat kindly presented a cup to the Club in 2018 for a Bonspiel in his name.