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An extract from the Stirling Journal and Advertiser – “On Saturday last, 24th January, a bonspiel was played upon the pond near the Borestone between the Borestone Curling Club and the Torwood and Larbert players. There were 14 players on each side and the game was to be won by the party who first counted forty one shots. The contest commenced at 11 o’clock am and continued to half past four pm when the players of the Borestone club were declared the victors having counted 43 shots, while their opponents counted only 32. The playing was excellent on both sides and the day was upon the whole favourable. The number of spectators present evinced how much interest the bonspiel had excited among the curlers of the adjacent villages. After the fatigues of the day both parties retired to Mr. Rae’s Inn, Bannockburn where the evening was spent with the utmost conviviality and good feeling. “. It was played at Milton Bog. See the map for the location.


Borestone admitted to the Grand Caledonian CC


Borestone won a District Medal for beating Denny on 19/1/1841 23-18 at Bannockburn Bog (Halberts Bog, see map for location). The ice was described as "good". Stirling won a Local Medal. Borestone's Patron was William Murray of Polmaise. 57 regular members, the longest member having joined in 1804.


An extract from the Stirling Journal and Advertiser of February 1843 – “A match between the Dunblane and Borestone Clubs came on Wednesday last at Dunblane on the Archevlay Pond, with 24 players a side – 5 rinks each consisting of 6 players. The day was extremely beautiful and the ice very keen and in all respects calculated to give each party a fair chance. The contest convened at half past 11 am and was carried on with a great deal of spirit and brotherly feeling for about 3 hours. The Dunblane Club was successful having counted shots the game agreed upon with a majority in favour of Dunblane of 63 shots.”


Borestone's Patron as 1841/42. We won a District Medal for beating Tullibody on 10 January 1842 at Airthrey Loch on "very fine ice". The Medal for this game is the first of the Borestone Medals and is displayed in the Medals case.


Patron: John Murray of Touch-Adam and Polmaise.   39 members + 4 occasionals.

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