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Graham Menzies  Tom Cox   Craig Morrison
Alan Lee
 Alan Prentice Alan Semple  Don MacLeod Gavin Drummond
Alix McNicol-Cox Fiona Wilson  Rona Dingwall
Ruth Morrison 
 Jill Patrick
Agnes Menzies Dave Wight Sue Fothergill


Given that several people were looking for subs we were only 3 short on the night.  On rink 1 Tom started well with a 4 against Graham — looking good but complacency must have set in as Graham came back and back and back to win with a final score of 5 ends to 2 (4 shots).    On the other rink Alan L was on a slow burn of single shot ends to amass 4 ends to Craig’s 1 by the 5th end.   Craig rallied in the 6th end but it was not enough with Alan pulling through in the final ends of the game to win 6 ends to 2 (6 shots up).  
So Alan L, Gavin and John win the Oswald Trophy — well done.
The dinner after the Bonspiel was unfortunately abandoned.  Five initially signed up but other commitments gradually slimmed the numbers down to the extent that Alan S would be dining alone.   Gabe’s Diner were okay with our abandoned meal plans.