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Philip  Craig  Tom
Alan S
 Anne Laura Alan L Gordon
Gavin Rhoda  Alan P
Dave Jackie Iain



 The annual tussle for the honour of winning the Oswald Trophy took place last Saturday afternoon with Craig’s team being declared the winners. 
On rink 1 Tom and Alan S battled away with Alan  surging into a big lead winning the first 3 ends with 6 shots to nil — looking good Alan — in the bag!  However Tom with terrier instincts fought back winning the next 2 ends.  In the end Alan with Gordon, Gill and Iain scraped through 4 ends to 3 (7 shots apiece) — a good close match.
On Rink 2 Philip and Craig were locking horns but as the scorecard has gone awol I’m not sure how the game progressed.   However with a final score in Craig’s favour of 6-2 on ends and 9 shots to 2 it seems to have been a tough game for Philip’s team.  
Well done to Craig, Laura, Rhoda and Dave who will have a trophy to clean next year!


Saturday afternoon saw us at the curling rink for our annual tussle for the Oswald Trophy. Firstly in defence of the poor play by many of us (yes and me!!) the ice was awful — maybe more experienced players would have got to grips with the huge swings and several losses of handles but obviously we are not sufficiently experienced. Anyhow we had a good competition.

On the first rink Anne v Graham. A close game on ends with 4 ends to Anne and 3 for Graham but it was the 4 shots in the 5th end that scuppered Graham’s challenge ending 3 shots to 9.

On the next rink the game between Alan S and Craig was a bit closer on shots at 6 to 5 but again the outcome score on ends was 4 for Alan S and 3 for Craig.

With a tie on 4 ends between Anne and Alan S the shot difference of 6 for Anne against the 1 for Alan S saw Anne’s team (Anne, Gavin, Laura and Dave) win the competition. Well done Anne et al although how did Anne end up as skip when this competition is for male thirds!!!

This was the second of our ventures into weekend curling with one more competition to go next Sunday. It would be good to get some feedback after next weekend on how it was for you — I’ll get back to you after next weekend for comments — the good, the bad and the ugly!