Borestone and Stirling Curling Club have long standing relationships with several local curling clubs and play several on an annual basis. These games are logged here along with details of the teams, which club being played, dates and times etc.

All games are played at Stirling Ice Rink.

Being a game against another club it is important that proper protocol is followed in terms of behaviour on the ice, dress code etc. It is also very important to turn up on time if you have been picked to play. If you are calling off from an inter-club match or external competition please let your skip know ASAP and he/she will get a substitute.

Failure to be ready to play when the bell is sounded can result in penalty points being awarded against your team, making a game even harder to win.

Please remember that if you fail to show for a Province or Inter-club game you may become liable to pay the entire ice fee for that rink (up to £86).