1950 To 2000


Secretary and treasurer, William Thomson of Bearside. 60 members + 5 occasionals including A.Irvine Roberston, John Robb, James McLaren, William Porter, A.Morrison, John Muirhead, Archie Gourlay, H. Carlin, R.Brown.


After discussions between Borestone Curling Club and Stirling Club it was agreed to merge and form the ‘Borestone and Stirling Curling Club’. The ‘Borestone’ and the ‘Wolf’ symbols from the two clubs were taken to form the new club
emblem of the merged club. See ‘The Merger Meetings’ section later in this booklet.


The AGM of this year decided to leave subscriptions unchanged at7/6d per annum (in today’s currency that 35 pence – give or take a half pence)


Borestone and Stirling curling stones gifted to Falkirk Ice Rink.


The Bearside Curling Pond and clubhouse closed.


The secretary mentioned that there were still a number of curling stones lying at Moray Cottage (Bearside) and if any
member desired to purchase a pair to notify the secretary. The price was fixed at 10/- each pair (that is 50 pence).


The Morrison Trophy gifted by Mrs Nancy Morrison in memory of her husband the late Archibald Morrison.


Club curling activities suspended during the construction of Stirling Ice Rink.


Curling started at the newly built Stirling Ice Rink. 


A Curlers Court was held in the Terraces Hotel, Stirling. We are unwilling and/or unable to give any further detail on this event but ‘made’ curlers will know exactly what was involved. ‘Unmade’ curlers will have to attend a court to find out !!


Borestone and Stirling Curling Club took on the ‘Rest of the World’ at a Bonspiel held in Stirling Ice Rink to celebrate
the 40th anniversary of the amalgamation of the club. The Bonspiel was enjoyed by all and planted the seeds for the 250th celebrations.


Another Curlers Court was held in the Terraces Hotel, Stirling. It was only coincidence that it was ten years between courts.


The club celebrates the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Borestone Curling Club. 

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