Merger Meetings

Although the Stirling Curling Club side of the merger meetings cannot be reported the following are verbatim extracts from the Borestone Curling Club meetings. The information has been extracted from the Borestone and Stirling Curling Club Minute Book and refers to the lead up and Merger of the two clubs.

 Borestone Curling Club, Annual General Meeting, held in the Golden Lion Hotel on Monday 9th March, 1953

"Mr. W. O. Spence (President) occupied the Chair, and there was an exceptionally good attendance of members.

On the suggestion of Mr. Campbell (W. Campbell - Vice-President), after discussion it was agreed that the Secretary communicate with the Secretary of the Stirling Curling Club and endeavour to come to some arrangement whereby the members of the Stirling Club can join the Borestone Club as regular members. The Secretary was instructed to report the outcome of such to a Meeting of the Committee. "

Borestone Curling Club Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 24th March, 1953 in the offices of Messrs. Hill & Whyye, King Street, Stirling.

" Present :- Messrs. Campbell, Oswald, Marshall, Porter, Morrison, Burt, Hay Brown and Secretary.

The Vice-President, Mr. Campbell, occupied the Chair and explained that as agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting the Secretary had approached Mr. Cochran, Secretary of the Stirling Club, to ascertain his views on the question of the amalgamation with Borestone Curling Club. The Committee then discussed the whole question and after various views had been expressed, the Meeting were unanimously of the opinion that if the Stirling Club were agreeable to amalgamate on the basis that the name of the Stirling Club be incorporated into that of Borestone, the Committee would recommend to a Special General Meeting of the Borestone Club that such amalgamation be agreed to.

As Representatives of the Stirling Club were in an adjoining room discussing the question, they were at this point
called into the Meeting and the Chairman indicated to the Representatives, namely, Mr. Patrick, President, and Mr. Cochran, Secretary, the decision that the Committee had come to, and intended to recommend to a Special General
Meeting of the Club. Both Mr. Cochran and Mr. Patrick expressed the opinion that the members of the Stirling Club would be quite agreeable to amalgamate with Borestone Club on the basis proposed, namely, that the name of the Club in future would be known as Borestone and Stirling Curling Club, and expressed their appreciation of the manner of the approach which the Borestone Club had made.

As the Annual General Meeting of the Borestone Club has just taken place a Special General Meeting was fixed for
Tuesday 31st inst. so that the recommendation of the Committee could be put forward to the members. Mr. Cochran also agreed to call a General Meeting of his Club for the same evening."

Minute of Special General Meeting of Borestone Curling Club held on Tuesday, 31st March, 1953, at 8p.m. within the chambers of Messrs. Hill & Whyte, Solicitors, 4 King Street, Stirling.

“The Vice-Chairman, Mr. William Campbell, occupied the Chair, and there were a fair attendance of Members.

The Chairman intimated that the business of the Meeting was as noted on the circular, namely, (1) To approve of the
Managing Committee's recommendation that Borestone Curling Club amalgamate with Stirling Curling Club under the name The Borestone and Stirling Curling Club, and (2) To amend Rule 3 of the adopted Rules of Borestone Curling Club so that two Members of the Stirling Club, if amalgamation takes place, could be co-opted to act on the General Committee of Management. After various views had been expressed, the Meeting, on the motion of J.N. Hay Brown seconded by James McLaren, unanimously agreed to ask the Stirling Club to amalgamate on the condition already detailed in the circular calling the Special General Meeting.

At this stage the Members of the Stirling Curling Club, who were meeting in an adjoining room, were called in and the
decision of the Borestone Curling Club was intimated to them. Mr. Patrick, the President of the Stirling Club, informed the Meeting that the Stirling Club would be very willing to amalgamate with the Borestone Club, and he was quite sure
that the amalgamation would be helpful to both Clubs and would ensure the interest of curling being kept alive in the Stirling area. It was left to the Secretary of the Borestone Curling Club and Mr. Cochran, to arrange, regarding
transfer of medals and stones, and also to intimate to the Royal Caledonian Curling Club that such an amalgamation had taken place.

The Chairman informed the Meeting that he had for some time been thinking along the lines of a trophy being purchased and played for under the new joint Association, and that if such a trophy was procured it should be named the Robert Oswald Memorial Trophy in memory of one who had not only been for a long number of years connected with the Club in various official capacities, but had done so much for curling not only in the Stirling district but in Central Scotland. The Meeting immediately agreed to the Chairman's recommendation and instructed the Managing Committee to look further into the question. 

This was all the business and a vote of thanks to the Chairman closed the Meeting. "

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