Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4 Team 5 Team 6 Team 7 Team8
Derek Young Anne Ferguson John Mott Gordon Murphy Mark Duguid Rob Smith Fraser Russell Alan Lee
Alix McNicol-Cox Dave Wight Don MacLeod Tom Cox Ruth Morrison Janice Young Laura Lee Craig Morrison


Date Day Time Playing
November 8, 2017 Wednesday 8:30pm  1v2, 5v6
November 8, 2017 Wednesday 9:20pm  3v4, 7v8
November 15, 2017  Wednesday 8:30pm  Semi-final -- winners of round 1
November 22, 2017 Wednesday 8:30pm Final


The first round of the Pairs Competition yesterday evening saw the Derek/Alix, Mark/Ruth and Fraser/Laura pairings win their respective   matches to go through to the next round.   Gordon/Tom had a bye into the next round. 

Derek/Alix game against Anne/Dave was a close game decided on the last end.   Janice/Gavin had a tough time against the Mark/Ruth juggernaut! —Janice and Gavin just remember that it is the taking part that is important.   AlanL/Craig just could not get the better of the Fraser/Laura combo — oh to have eavesdropped on the conversation in the Lee car on the way home!!

So the format for the next round on Wednesday 15th November at 20.30 is:—

20.30 start — Derek/Alix versus Gordon/Tom

21.20 start — Mark/Ruth versus Fraser/Laura

The Final will be between Derek/Alix and Fraser/Laura

Derek's report on the final :---

Congratulations to Fraser and Laura on winning the Pairs Final last night.


They both played very well and totally out played Alix and I. A good game, but Fraser and Laura were always in control.


Laura in particular was very steady, and got her stones nicely out front, and then into the house, and left Fraser just the task of guarding what they had at most ends, which he did very well. This left Alix and I chasing the ends.
A 2 at each of the first two ends set Laura and Fraser up nicely, and we then had to chase the game and take risks. Although we did manage a 2 in the 4th end to bring it back to 6 -2, normal service returned in the 5th end, with Fraser and Laura taking yet another 2, to go 8 -2 up. In the 6th end we did come onto a better game, and were more in control of the end, taking yet another 2 (the 6th of the game) to bring it back to 8-4, but with the bell having gone before we played the last 2 stones, we were out of time, leaving Laura and Fraser very comfortable winners.


We didn't quite hit our level of game from the previous 2 rounds, (particularly the semi where Alix played extremely well and matched or bettered the stones of husband Tom time after time) but that was largely due to the good play of our opposition not letting us get into the game this time.


It is good to see the newer members that have come through from the Virtual club in recent years featuring in our finals.


Thanks to Alix for putting up with my slightly erratic striking last night. A good partnership in rounds 1 and 2, but I didn't quite hit the mark last night. There is always next year.