Club Pairs 18th, 23rd, 30th Oct 2023 and 4th Dec 2023



Team 1 (A) Team 2 (A) Team 3 (A) Team 4 (B) Team 5 (B) Team 6 (B)
Derek Laura Gordon Alan Mark Fraser
John Stewart Elaine Terrie-Lynn Gillian Janice


Date Day Time Playing
October 18, 2023 Wednesday 6-7pm  1v2
October 18, 2023 Wednesday 7-8pm  4v5
October 23, 2023 Monday 6-7pm  2v3
October 23, 2023 Monday 7-8pm  4v6
October 30, 2023 Monday 8.30-9.30pm 1v3
October 30, 2023 Monday 9.30-10.30pm 5v6
December 4,2023 Monday 8.30-10.30pm winner of group A v winner group B



Final Derek and Dave narrowly beat Fraser and Gillian 7 points to 6 points


Pairs final

Alan (subbing for Derek) and Jackie were victorious on the night. Well done to Elaine and Erin (subbing for John) for getting to the final and coming in second out of the 6 teams that entered.



In round 1 the scores were:-

Mark/Fergus v Rob/Dave  5-2: Derek/Ruth v Alan p/Gill 4-4 on shots but 3-1 on ends;  Laura/Anne v Fraser/Janice 6-1; Gordon/Erin v Alan L/Jackie 6-1

In round 2 the scores were:-

Mark/Fergus v Laura/Anne 5-2; Derek/Ruth v Gordon/Erin 4-3

So the final on 27th November will be between Mark/Fergus and Derek/Ruth

Well it was a great final yesterday evening between Mark/Elaine and Derek/Ruth with a tied score of 3 shots apiece after 5 ends, however Mark and Elaine seemed to go into overdrive picking up 2 shots at each of the 6th and 7th ends for a winning score of 7-3.

Congratulations to Mark and Elaine not forgetting Fergus who partnered Mark in the first two rounds. Condolences to Derek and Ruth, and thanks to all who took part.


 Nearly a week since the Pairs Final was played and what — no report!!!    Anyway here is the belated report.

The short story is that Gordon and Laura won 4 ends to 3 having drawn 8 all on shots - so a very close game — Derek and Tom are gutted!!    Derek sent me a comprehensive report which follows below — I take my hat off to those who can remember the blow-by-blow progress of a game as I can usually only remember I’ve played.  



Well done Gordon and Laura not forgetting Dave who helped Gordon in the earlier rounds.

Tight game until 6th end.
First end Derek and Tom(red) in control and lying 4, before Gordon's final stone which hit a red stone and rolled over and stopped against red shot stone to take a 1.
2nd end similar but without last stone Gordon opted to hit with his last stone to avoid a potential 5 and left Derek a draw for 3 which was made.
3rd end swung both ways before Gordon having last stone took a single again.
4th end was the opposite of the first end with Gordon and Laura piling in stones and Derek having to draw for a single to save the loss of a 3.
5th end was a bit scrappy and Gordon keep putting up guards to protect a single, and derek failed to draw in, so gordon took his single to bring score back to 4 -- 3 in Derek's favour.
6th end the wheels came off. With his first stone Derek faced 5 yellow counters. Opting to play a hit and roll, the stone ran straight and instead of hitting and rolling in behing the guards it hit and rolled out. Gordon continued to play stones to the front. Derek tried to draw round but was a foot heavy with his second stone, third stone and fourth stone giving up a 5 to gordon and laura.
If you fail to draw the 8 foot 3 times you don't deserve to win.
Game effectively over  however in 7th end Tom and Derek stormed back with Tom piling stones in. Derek hit and stuck with his last stone to take a 4 and peel the game on shots, but couldn't quite get the 5 stone in required for victory and Gordon and Laura win 4 ends to 3.
Well done to gordon and Laura on a well fought victory.
Ice was excellent. Very fast with a nice draw, though it could run a bit straight with weight. A total opposite to .ca last weekend.
Another year a Young/Cox combination lose out in the final, though a different member of the Cox family this time.
Always next year.