Stirlingshire Province Dunn Trophy









Date Day Time Playing
  Team 1 November 14, 2023  Tuesday 6:00pm   Falkirk Ladies


16 teams took part in the Stirlingshire Province competition for the Dunn Trophy over 2 days.
The B&S team which consisted of Alan, Laura John and Janice took on Falkirk Ladies.
Our steal of a 1 in the first end was a great start but Falkirk swiftly retaliated taking a 1 and then a 3 in the next 2 ends. So going into end 4 we were trailing by 1 shot to Falkirk's 4. We ramped up our game taking a 1 then a 2 and then a 3 in the next 3 ends; meaning that we went into the final end with a healthy 7  to 4 advantage. Having the hammer in the final end, Falkirk managed to get a 1- taking the final score to B&S 7; Falkirk Ladies 5. It was therefore an incredibly close game.
Overall B&S came 6th out of 16 teams. Not as good as last year (when we won it) but I'm not sure that Derek and Janice won't be too upset that The Dunn Trophy Shield will no longer be taking up space in their living room😉.

22/23 B&S won


5th with 8 ends: Denny win with 10 ends


Re our efforts in the Province Dunn Trophy, we were 5th out of the 9 teams taking part amassing a score of 7 ends just 3 shy of the 10 ends by Kilsyth who won the competition.   We didn’t want to win this one anyway — the shield is just too big to fit on the mantlepiece!!   One consolation though — we beat Torbrex in 8th place. 


We won!!!

DUNN TROPHY 2017 Results

1. Borestone & Stirling Ends 9 Shots up 9 Shots scored 17

2. Kilsyth Ends 8 Shots up 5 Shots scored 12

3. Falkirk Ends 8 Shots up 0 Shots scored 13

4. Grangemouth Ends 8 Shots up -2 Shots scored 15

5. Campsie Glen/FIRCC Ends 7 Shots up 7 Shots scored 14

6. Stirling Young Curlers Ends 7 Shots up 0 Shots scored 14

7. Denny Ends 6 Shots up -1 Shots scored 14

8. Sauchie & Bannockburn Ends 6 Shots up -6 Shots scored 14

9. Torbrex/Virtual Club Ends 5 Shots up -12 Shots scored 9