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Borestone and Stirling Curling Club is a "mixed up club" in gender, age and ability run by the members to enable them to enjoy the sport of curling.  The club is open to all and carries out most of its activity in the evenings at The Peak, Stirling Home - Active Stirling.  The club is actively looking for new members to join including those curlers who are members of the Gateway Club (previously known as the Virtual Club) and are looking for a local club to join.

We run a full programme of club and interclub matches as well as taking part in the three Stirlingshire Province Bonspiels and the Knock Out competition, as well as the Forth Valley Bonspiel and Knock Out competition.  We enjoy social events such as post interclub match meals and occasional post intra club match meals/events.  A lot!!

Club subscriptions remain at £45 for playing and pool members whose mother club is Borestone and Stirling, £20 for playing and pool members whose mother club is not Borestone and Stirling and club subs of £7.50 for non-playing and junior members.

If you are interested in trying curling or finding out more about us or even joining us please contact our Secretary Laura Lee on 0775 144 9958 or email

The current committee is:
President: Don MacLeod, Vice President: Derek YoungSecretary: Laura Lee, Treasurer: Alan Lee, 

Committee (in order of length of service):  Gillian Corry, Tom Cox and Jennifer Durrant

Club Development Officer - office vacant

Child Protection Officer - Anne Ferguson



 We had a much better performance in the Province games this year. Mark, Alan, Laura  and Erin won the Stirlingshire Province knockout competition by beating Falkirk (last season’s winners) 8 shots to 3 shots in the final. This team will therefore go on to play in the national Province Championships next season. That success in the knockout was quickly followed by success in the Dunn Cup with a win skipped by Derek - other members being Gordon, Laura and Janice. Our other B&S team skipped by Mark came in third. In January, one of our teams (Mark, Laura, Alan and Gillian) came in second in the Aitken trophy. Sadly, there were no trophies for us in the area  competitions this season nor in the Alex Reid. We entered a team into the Stirling Curling Group’s Interclub league which gave us the opportunity to play teams from clubs that we wouldn’t normally play; and we won 2 out of the 4 games that we played.


We had more successes in the four Interclub games by winning two out of our four matches. We won against Airthrey Castle for the Morton trophy (skipped by Gordon and Derek) and won against Bonnybridge skipped by Mark. Torbrex retained the Torbrex Broom, with players from both teams enjoying a meal after the game. Sadly, we lost the lovely Polmaise Trophy- won by Sauchie and Bannockburn this year. There is plenty of scope for improvement for next season.


In early December, four teams took to the ice in a battle to win the Alex McFeat trophy. The trophy was won by Derek, Jennifer and Dave. A group of twelve members and partners then went on to the Allan Park Hotel in Stirling for a lovely meal; and many subsequently adjourned to the bar thereafter.

The club was able to run two club development sessions. Many thanks to Michael Goodfellow, David Ramsay and Derek Young for their coaching which members very much appreciated  and enjoyed. 


 Sadly, there were no trophies for us in The Province this season. The best result we attained was third in The Aitken trophy. In the Province KO competition, we managed to get through the first round by beating Falkirk Ladies to meet our end in the second round against Denny- who then went on to win the competition. In the Forth Valley Area KO, we had the very narrowest of losses to Keir, in a high scoring game (losing 10 to 9). We came a very admirable second, to Falkirk’s win, in the Alex Reid Memorial Trophy- on the up side Falkirk will be organising the competition for next year.


Now for some good news. We won two out of our four Interclub matches, winning against Airthrey Castle for the Morton trophy (skipped by Laura Lee and Derek Young) and winning against Sauchie and Bannockburn for The Polmaise Trophy (skipped by Mark Duguid and Gordon Murphy). Torbrex won back the Torbrex Broom by the narrowest of margins (13 to 12 on aggregate). Players from both these teams enjoyed a meal after the game at The Springkerse View- lovely to see the social side of curling getting back to normality after the pandemic. Bonnybridge won back the Bonnybridge Quaich (6 to 4). There is plenty of scope for improvement for next season.


In November, Laura Lee organised a social and presentation of prizes, for the 2019-2020 season, at the Hollybank. Club President, Richard Norman, presented Alan Prentice with his RCCC medal to mark Alan’s 50 year membership of the RCCC and summarised Alan’s most memorable curling achievements over the years. Those present were able to celebrate with Alan Prentice, and his family. Many thanks to Derek Young for providing a quiz on curling rules which had us all thinking.


Unfortunately, due to some members suffering from covid and therefore isolating, our closing bonspiel could not be played as we could only muster 11 players to play. However, a fun afternoon was had by those present with a game of 4 v 3; and a pairs game taking place on the other sheet.



The 2018-19 was not as sucessful as previous years with respect to the Province, Forth Valley and Alex Reid competitions drawing a blank all round!   However we had better success in our Interclub matches winning our matches against Torbrex, Bonnybridge and Sauchie & Bannockburn.  So the mission statement for this year is "must do better".  

The 2019-20 year so far!!  24th Sept -- we launched the curling year with a slightly chaotic Opening Bonspiel on 11th Sept; we have won both first round matches in the Forth Valley and Stirlingshire Province KO competitions -- a good start on our mission!!   23rd Oct —  we have been knocked out of both the FV and Stirlingshire Province KO competitions — at least we got into round 2! ;  we have managed to get the Morton Cup back from Airthrey Castle winning by 2 shots -- interestingly since inception in 1969 Airthrey Castle have won it 25 times whilst Borestone have won it 26 times -- very competitive!!    9th Dec -- a round up of goings on over the last 10 weeks -- we lost on in the Dunn Trophy which Kilsyth won; the Stephenson trophy was a close call between Jackie and Ruth with Jackie, Don, Laura and Elaine winning through on points difference; Mark and Elaine won the Pairs Competition; the Autumn League continues but it looks like a runaway victory for Alan L, Gavin, Alix, Jackie and Rona; the Points Competition was very poorly attended by 1 member; we lost our interclub match against Torbrex -- there will be an enquiry!!  28th January — the Oswald Trophy was won by Craig, Laura, Rhoda and Dave 6-2 on ends and 9-2 on shots; good news we won the FV Bonspiel with congratulations to Alan L, Ruth, Philip and Don; we failed to do anything significant in the Aitken Trophy.    20th February -- we came third in the Murray Trophy competition with 8 ends; S&B won on 11 ends so we were slightly adrift!!   13th March -- two good games against Sauchie & Bannockburn both 6-4 in S&B's favour -- well done S&B.   On 16th March curling ceased due to the Covid19 virus social distancing policy -- that's it folks!!   The Spring League has been abandoned and the Closing Bonspiel has been cancelled.  Hopefully we are back next season.

The AGM due at the end of April has been cancelled.  



The 2017-18 season was another successful season for us as we won two of the Stirlingshire Province Trophies -- the Aitken and the Dunn.  In addition we won the Alex Reid Memorial Trophy a fantastic achievement -- well done to skips Derek and Mark.  However we were not so successul in our Interclub matches losing to Airthrey Castle, Bonnybridge and Torbrex but winning our match against Sauchie & Bannockburn for the Polmaise Trophy. 

So we have much to live up to!!!

The 2018-19 so far !!  12th Oct -- We are through to the second round in both the Province and Forth Valley KO competitions -- must have been skill !!   17th Oct -- oops we were knocked out of the Province KO last night by Torbrex who played a blinder!!  19th Oct -- ...and sadly we also crashed out of the Forth Valley KO conceding a 2 against the hammer in the 8th end to lose 8-7; ... and very sadly we failed to wrestle the Morton Trophy from Airthrey Castle with losses in both game 5-6 and 3-8.  7th Nov -- we had two good wins (12-2 and 9-4) against S&B to retain the Polmaise Trophy woohoo.   14th Nov -- Alan L wins the Points competition with 26 points over 6 disciplines.  25th November — the Torbrex Broom returns after two wins by teams skipped by Anne and John.   26th November -- Ruth with Gordon, Gavin and Rona win the Stephenson Trophy.  12th Dec -- unsucccesful in our attempt to retain the Dunn Trophy in our matches on 10th and 11th but at least that BIG trophy will now find another home!   16th Jan -- well done to Fraser, Don, Janice and Dave who won the Autumn League -- on 14th Jan Gordon, Rob, Don and Tom regained the Bonnnybridge Trophy in a close game -- welcome to Rhoda and Gillian who joined us in December. 29th Jan -- the Oswald Trophy was won by Anne with Gavin, Laura and Dave (not sure how Anne ended up as skip since this is an event for male thirds!!); we came second in the Aitken Trophy to Sauchie & Bannockburn; we were second (a common theme here!) in the Graeme Giles Trophy competition; a successful KO competiton was held on Sunday 27th January with Fraser winning with Philip, Alan S and Alan P. 1st May -- catch up!!   We came second in the Murray Trophy to Falkirk; Tom won the Alex McFeat Trophy with Alix, Rona and Gillian; Alan P with Alan L, Rob, Graham and Gillian won the Spring League; the Closing Bonspiel was won by Alan L supported by Laura, Philip and Graham.  A very convivial AGM, Prize Giving and Dinner was held on 30th April although the incumbant secretary remains in his post!!!

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