Polmaise Trophy against Sauchie & Bannockburn 24th February 2022 9:00pm












Polmaise TrophyThe Polmaise Trophy.

Presented by Colonel Murray of Polmaise in 1896, it was to be played for between Stirling, Stirling Castle, Borestone and Sauchie and Bannockburn Curling Clubs in annual competition, the final being played at Bearside, where Colomel Murray had permitted curling to take place.   Over the years, the clubs have changed, first Stirling Castle ceased as a curling club, then Borestone and Stirling amalgamated to leave a single game between the two clubs annually.




On Thursday 23rd February,B&S played S&B in the annual Polmaise Trophy.
Team 1 (Alan, John, Philip and Laura) had a very close and exciting game. On the first end B&S took a 1, then S&B took a 1. B&S then took the next 3 ends with 1s. At this point it was looking promising for B&S. Then on end 6 S&B fought back taking a 4- bringing the score to B&S 4, S&B 5. On the final end, after the S&B skip had played his first shot, S&B were sitting one, with B&S having second shot. When B&S's skip Alan came down with his first stone, he ripped out the shot stone through a very narrow port- brilliant shot. The S&B skip came down and tried to take our 2 stones out. He succeeded in taking our second shot out but didn't manage to also take our shot stone (difficult shot). His shooter spun out. Alan then drew his final stone into the head for a 2. Final score B&S 6, S&B 5.
Sadly, Team2 ( Tom, Alix and Erin) battled against a far stronger team. Final score B&S 1, S&B 13. So one game each and we were tied on ends (but sadly for us the score is decided on aggregate shots).
The final score was B&S 7, S&B 18.
The Polmaise trophy, therefore, goes back to S&B. 


I have great news that B&S won their game against Sauchie and Bannockburn, on Thursday evening,  for the honour of winning the Polmaise Trophy. This is our  2nd interclub win of the season (out of 4)

In team 1 we had Mark, Alan, Gillian and Dave- winning 7 to 4; and in Team 2 we had Gordon, John, Alix and Rhoda - they lost by the narrowest of margins 5 shots to S&B's 6 shots. Overall B&S won 12 shots to S&B's 10 shots.
The trophy has been safely located and we will soon be proud guardians of the trophy for the coming year which comes with the privilege of having it engraved and polished ðŸ˜€
Well done to all those involved in the win.


Well not really “robbed”— we merely handed over the trophy!

Our competition against Sauchie & Bannockburn this evening was won fair and square by S&B; 6-4 and 6-4 on shots. Good curling by both clubs however we seemed to be chasing the game on both rinks and not quite getting the upper hand. Nevertheless enjoyable, friendly games just a pity that I had forgotten to organise the meal afterwards!!!!

Anyway we had won the trophy for 3 straight years up to now so no problem letting someone else clean it for a change I say.

Well done Sauchie & Bannockburn

Teams playing -- Gordon, Philip, Tom, Laura; Alan L, John, Anne, Rhoda.



Catching up with news of our match against S&B 10 days ago and have to report that we had two very good wins 12-2 and 9-4 to retain the Polmaise Trophy which will now continue to sit in my hall gathering dust!
The start to the match looked as though the two skips had agreed on “synchronised curling” with identical 3 and 2 shots in the first two ends conceding shots to S&B in the third end. The synchronisation went a bit off script after that though but we don’t mind.
Confession — before my wee sojourn down south I failed to remember to give Gordon the trophy to take to the match so it never left my hall — must have been a premonition!



 Having lost three of our Interclub games to this point we needed to try our best to win yesterday evening’s game — and we did.  On rink A — Gordon, John, Laura and Philip started shabbily losing a single shot but that was the only downside to this game as they never looked back for the rest of the game winning 10-1.   On rink B — Alan L, Fraser, Tom and Dave had a more nip and tuck game but the 4 shot win at the 5th end sealed the game and a final win of 8-5.   
Well done to all who took part.

So having cleaned the trophy within an inch of its life on Sunday it is back at Chez Mott.   I’m happy if the skips Gordon and Alan wish to give it a home — or anyone else?    The downside of course is that you will be expected to keep it clean and shiny a la Gollum!!