Forth Valley Area Knockout







Date Day Time Playing
September 14, 2021  Wednesday  20:30  Keir



The B&S team of Mark, Alan, Fraser and Laura were drawn against a strong Keir team skipped by Lee McCleary. Against a team of this calibre B&S knew that any slight errors in stone placement would be punished! Sadly, that was the case and we lost a 3 in the first end. B&S managed to take a 1 in the following end and pinch a 1 in end 3. Things were looking doable for B&S at this point, after such a shaky start. Sadly for us, Keir fought back taking 1s in the next 2 ends to take the score to Keir 5, B&S 2.  B&S took a 1 on end 6 which meant that Keir had the hammer going into the 7th and final end. All Keir needed to do was keep the number of our stones in the head down. Any B&S stone poking slightly out from behind a guard was mercilessly taken out. Keir took their 1 on the final end giving the final score of Keir 6 , Borestone and Stirling 3. What might have happened if we hadn't lost that 3 on end 1?🤔
Sadly, that means that we will not be going on any further in the FV Area KO this year.


A  B&S team consisting of Mark, Elaine, Iain and Jackie had an almighty battle on their hands when they took to the ice in the FV Area KO versus Keir on 15th September 2021.

Keir (skipped by Lee McCleary) took an early lead but B&S fought back strongly- taking a 6 in the 2nd end and another 3 in the 3rd end. Keir inched their way back into the game and at the end of the 5th end the score was B&S 9; Keir 8- so all to play for!

Unfortunately, Keir took a 2 in the last end for the final score to be B&S 9; Keir 10. Well done to Mark's team for giving Keir such a tough match.


-- R1 a win against Airthrey Caste -- R2 lost against Abercorn


With a good win against Keir we are through to the second round on 17th October.  

Sadly we crashed out of the Forth Valley KO in the second round conceding a 2 against the hammer in the 8th end to lose 8-7 against Uphall.