Annual Match with Torbrex 10th November 2021 5:30pm

 Wednesday 23rd November 2022 6pm














We had 2 B&S teams out competing for the annual match against Torbrex for the highly prized Torbrex Broom. Both B&S teams got off to a very slow start- after 3 ends Torbrex were up 9-1 on aggregate.  Both B&S teams had a very late rally but it wasn't enough- the final score was Torbrex 16: B&S 9.  Well, it was going to be a challenge to bring  a win in after being so far behind early on.


On Wednesday 10th November 21, two B&S teams played in the annual interclub event against Torbrex for the honour of winning the Torbrex Broom.

Team 2, skipped by Alan, consisted of Alan, Don, Erin and Iain. They started off well- winning the first 2 ends. However, Torbrex fought back and won the following 3 ends. After these 5 ends Torbrex were ahead by 4 shots to 2. On end 6 B&S took a 2 followed by a 3 on the 7th and final end. Final score was B&S 7; Torbrex 4.

Meanwhile, Team 1 skipped by Laura, consisted of Laura, Gordon, Rhoda and Dave had a good start by taking a 1 against the hammer in end 1 and a 2 in end 2. Torbrex then shifted up several gears and took back a 6. Ouch! Team 2 were a bit overwhelmed and lost a further 2 in the following end. The next 3 ends were keenly fought with B&S winning 2 ends and Torbrex 1. Final score for this game was B&S 5; Torbrex 9. 

The final score for the 2 games together was B&S 12; Torbrex 13.

So, although the overall score was very close it wasn't enough to take back the Broom- now if only we hadn't lost that 6!

A large group from both clubs then went to Kerseview restaurant for a social  and a meal.

Lovely to see that the social side of curling is returning.


We lost our match against Torbrex so the Broom no longer resides at my home where it has been for the past two years pressed into use to clean the carpets and floors — we will need to revert now to the Dyson!!  



The Broom is back in its place in my hall and at last the floors will be cleaned again!!

Both rinks had close games — on rink 5 Anne’s team with a bit of give and take got to a score of 5 shots apiece by the 6th end. Meanwhile on rink 6 (yes rink 6 again!!) John amassed 4 shots by the end of the 4th end then lost a 3 and then a 1 to get to a score of 4 shots apiece by the 6th end. So all tied by the end of the 6th end and thus all resting on the last end! However the girls and boys in blue held their nerve with Anne getting 2 shots and John 3 shots in the 7th end. So good good wins by both teams — 7-5 and 7-4.

Well done to Anne, Alan S, and Philip also to John, Craig, Don and Rona.


We lost the Torbrex match yesterday evening so the Broom is back with Torbrex CC. I’ll miss it sitting in my hall and more the point something to clean the floors with!! I’ll now need to invest in a Dyson (other hoovers are available) — just as well it's Black Friday!!

One team lost by 1 shot but I understand that the other team (no names) was annihilated.

Thanks to all who played and for your efforts — much appreciated. However names have been noted.