1 2 3 4 5  6
Craig Anne Fraser   John
Alan P Rob
Gordon  Richard
Janice Alan S Alix Erin
Gillian  Jennifer Jill Fiona Ruth Tom
Elaine Philip Iain Jackie Rhoda Rona


1v2 and 3v4 and 5v6

2019-20  Unfortunately this bonspiel was cancelled due to the Covid19 lockdown -- I was looking forward to see how this 6 team bonspiel worked out!!


Yesterday evening saw us complete the season with our Closing Bonspiel however, there is one league game to be played this evening and frankly the skips Alan P and Ruth could just shake hands and go to the pub as the league has been won by Alan P’s team.    Anyway back to the Closing Bonspiel — on rink 5 Fraser and Alix had a close game with a 4-3 ends; 7-4 shots win for Fraser — on rink 6 there was, I’m afraid, a bit of a rout, with Alan L winning 4-2 on ends and 11-2 on shots.   So well done to Alan L, Laura, Philip and Graham for winning the Prentice Quaich.   After the bonspiel with 3 non-players joining the teams, we had an enjoyable meal in a very busy restaurant at the Peak — the service was a bit slow but the food, in the main, was well received.   So that’s it folks and unlike Brexit we have managed to bring the season to a conclusion — fini — terminado — finito — afgewerkt — fertig — päättynyt.      Ha ha that’s got you googling!!