Team 2020 -- Alan P, Erin, Jill and Jackie



What an enjoyable evening this was, played in a competitive but friendly spirit. Our team in order was Alan P, Joe, Craig, Ruth. We had to play 3 x 2-end games, followed by a High Road or Low Road final.

We beat Airthrey Castle 5-0; we beat Blair Drummond 3-0; we lost to Stirling Young Curlers (last year's winners) 3-5.

We then found ourselves in a one-end High Road final against Blair Drummond. The toss of the coin gave us last stone. With only 2 stones left to play we were lying 3 in a fairly crowded house, with one side of the sheet blocked and the other side still drawable. As I remarked to Craig during this game, my mouth was as dry as the bottom of the proverbial parrot's cage due to adrenalin! Then my oppo played a lovely draw to lie against our counting shot and biting the pot lid. I then had to lie against him and move him just enough to let me onto the pot lid although there wasn't a lot of room for his stone to go anywhere, and this I did but the way the stones moved against each other meant we lost the game and the whole competition by just 2" ! Our team were firing on all 4 cylinders and we definitely upheld the honour of Borestone.

A photo of everyone should appear in next week's Observer. Everyone except Joe then adjourned upstairs for a meal, chat, and presentation of prizes, and including thanks to Claire Giles for providing the trophy and to Blair Drummond C.C. for organising the whole event.


We did not win the Graeme Giles Trophy!!  We won the first round against Airthrey 2-1, the second round against Blair Drummond 4-0 and the third round against  Stirling Young Curlers 4-0.  However by some convoluted system of accounting we had to play a final end against Stirling Young Curlers which we lost 1-0 and therefore the Stirling Young Curlers won again.  A curious scoring system!!