The results for the 2018-19 season so far:-

Summer Bonspiel -- Joe, Janice and John v Gordon, Laura, Tom and Jill - ends 4-2 shots 8-4; Mark, Alan L, Graham and Fiona v Derek, Richard, Gavin and Rob - ends 4-3 shots 8-5 : winner on shots up is Joe.


The results for the 2017-18 season so far:

Borestone & Stirling Curling Club 2017/18 season --

Summer Bonspiel -- Tom, Fiona, Richard: Tom v Alan L ends 5-2 shots 8-3; Mark v Anne ends 4-3 shots 9-4 The Corston Sinclair Cup — winner Tom

Opening Bonspiel --winners Fraser, Alan P, Ruth, Graham -- Fraser v Anne ends 6-1 shots 12-1; John v Gordon ends 5-2 shots 9-2

Pairs -- winners Fraser and Laura -- Fraser/Laura v Derek/Alix 8-4 ??

Stevenson Trophy -- winners Alix, Anne, Philip, Fraser -- Alix v Fiona ends 4-3 shots 12-3; Laura v Ruth ends 4-3 shots 9-4

Autumn League -- winners John, Rob, Philip, Fiona, Dave -- Morrison Trophy

Oswald Trophy --  winners Alan L, Gavin and John (both Ruth and Sue could not play)

KO -- winners Mark, John, Alan S, and Graham -- Mark v Derek 12-8

Points won by Gordon

Alex McFeat Cup — winners Anne, Fraser, Derek and Clare

Spring League — winners Richard, Janice, Rona, Fraser and Dave

Interclub Games --

v Airthrey Castle:  Airthrey won 15-8 in total: 7-7 and 8-1 The James Morton Cup

v Torbrex: Torbrex won Torbrex Broom

v Bonnybridge: Bonnybridge won the Quaich

v S&B: we won 18-6 in total: 10-1 and 8-5

Alexander Reid Memorial Trophy won with 10ends and 5 shots up; Derek and Mark

Graeme Giles Trophy — we lost in the final end to BDCC by millimetres.   

Province Matches --

Province KO 7-3 in against S&B in R1; lost in R2

Dunn Trophy B&S won -- Kilsyth in second place Ends 9; shots up 9; shots scored 17

Aitken Trophy B&S won 10 ends -- S&B in second place with 9 ends

Area 6 KO Beaten by Buccaneers in Round 1

Area 6 Bonspiel Not selected to play in this competition