First many thanks for the support for our annual mid-summer bonspiel — 15 on the ice is I think the most we have had for this event with 12 venturing afterwards to sample the culinary delights of Springkerse View.

As the sun was going down the smoke signals from the East spelt out B-S-C-C-SUMMER-BONSPIEL and they came from far and wide, well frae Stirling maistly, to the big tent called the Peak.  For the time for the challenge of the year, well trying to git clase enuf to the ice to thraw a stane, was upon us.  On one side was Derek’s Dossers versus Mark’s Mudslingers and whit a stramash there wis with a fairly nip-and-tuck affair ensuing.  On the other side Gordon’s Galloots took on Joe’s Jellies in a leisurely 6-end game with the Jellies coming to the fore in the latter half of their game.  At the reckoning time the Mudslingers had amassed 4 ends and 3 points up whilst the Jellies equalled the 4 ends but with 4 shots up.   The Big Chief praised the winning Jellies i.e. Joe, Janice and John, and handed o’er a gleaming cup o’siller.   Precious wine was also distributed from the stash held at the Bodega del Young. Thereafter the feasting began with much chat and food which was good in parts.   Afterwards and full of bonhomie we said our cheerios — and still the sun was trying to set!!  

That’s it folks until September — I’m off to see my “shrink” now.