13 of us ventured out onto the ice yesterday evening for a bit of mid-summer madness -- Mark’s Marauders v Anne’s Avengers; Alan’s Hells Angels v Tom’s Tornados. It was a bit of a Jack and Jill evening with a few graceful tumbles for those who had forgotten that ice was slippy and not one but two wrong handles by Jack’s better half. Also a few “goals” with stones sliding gracefully between two opposition stones without taking either out (could not do it if you tried!!). The curling got slightly better as the matches went on but it was very evident that we were all on a relearning process.

Anyway to the scores!! The Marauders' initial 4 at the first end put The Avengers on the back foot and so it was throughout the rest of the game with a win for Mark with 9 shots to 4. The Hells Angels and Tornados game was a much closer affair until the 6th end when Tom found a second gear taking 5 shots in the last two ends and a win for him with 8 shots to 3. A tie!! Ends decided the match with Tom amassing 5 ends to Mark’s 4.

Winners of the Corston Sinclair Cup — Tom’s Tornados (Tom, Fiona and Richard). Close second but no prizes — Mark’s Marauders (Mark, Alix, Jill and Gavin). The also rans were Anne’s Avengers (Anne, Laura and John) and Alan’s Hells Angels (Alan L, Janice and Rob).

The meal afterwards was a bit of a hit and miss affair - mostly the latter. The Lasagna was good but the Prawn Pad Thai looked weird and I believe tasted no better. The Chicken Nuggets dish was more fries than chicken. Pricey for what we got. Anyway we had a good chat and caught up with the various holidays had and yet to come.

1. Mark, Alix, Jill and Gavin

2. Anne, Laura and John

3. Alan L, Janice and Rob

4. Tom, Fiona, Richard and Gordon

1v2 and 3v4