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Local Causes benefit from parish council grants 

In these uncertain times, Great Horwood Parish Council is pleased that it can make a difference to organisations in the village. Income has been lost for many groups as subscriptions haven’t been paid and it has not been possible to hold fund raising events in the usual way. We received 4 applications this year from local groups and the grants were allocated as follows:

Football Club received £500 to buy additional kit, cleaning materials and signage

The CE Combined School received £1000 to enhance their outdoor learning environment

The Silver Band received £500 to buy additional equipment in order that they can hold rehearsals indoors again

The Scouts received £1000 to pay for their insurance and fire extinguisher servicing.


Usually the recipients are invited to the December Parish Council meeting where presentation cheques are awarded. Sadly, this will not be possible as meetings are currently being held via Zoom due to Government guidance. The organisations will still receive the funds after the December meeting has taken place. Congratulations to all!



This is a good way of communicating useful information to villagers. If you would like to receive information first hand, such as PC Agendas, Minutes, Thames Valley Police info, roadworks updates and other ad hoc information, please contact me with your email address and I will add you to my list.    


A big thank you to Trevor Jones for repairing the bus shelter roof in Little Horwood Road near The Green. This was very much appreciated.


In last month’s Focus I reported that a new kissing gate had been installed on Footpath 5. I am pleased to provide two more photos below which show another new gate recently installed close by. With grateful thanks to the two residents of Great Horwood who donated this gate and to North Bucks rRIPPLE (ramblers Repairing and Improving Public Paths for Leisure and Exercise) for replacing the old one.



 There is an extensive network of footpaths around Great Horwood and out towards neighbouring villages. They are accessible and signposted well. Have a look on the GHPC website where there is a series of 6 Great Horwood Footpath Routes. Our thanks to David Saunders for producing these easy to follow guides that can be viewed on your phone as you walk.


The date of the next meeting is Monday 14th December at 7.30pm. Minutes of meetings can be found on the noticeboard and the Parish Council website Meetings will continue to be held remotely via Zoom as Government guidelines encourage this at the present time.


Sue Brazier

Clerk to Great Horwood Parish Council

PARISH PUMP November 2020






With grateful thanks to North Bucks rRripple (ramblers Repairing and Improving Public Paths for Leisure and Exercise) who have done another fantastic job replacing an old stile for a much more accessible kissing gate on Footpath 5. A number of stiles have been replaced over the years and this makes walking across our beautiful countryside more enjoyable. Gates can be sponsored and if you would like details, please contact the Clerk. 


THANK YOU, ROBERT         We can all enjoy the footpaths because they are so well kept. A huge THANK YOU must go to Robert Deuchar, out Footpath Warden who

                                                painstakingly prunes and strims the footpaths and the one bridleway in the parish.