AGM November 2019

Welcome: The Chair welcome all residents and gave a special welcome to our Prospective Member of Parliament (Suella Braverman), our County Councillor and Leader of FBC (Sean Woodward), the Head of Lord Wilson School Academy (Chris Berry), Glenn McGinness and Sarah Follett from ERMC.
Introduction of Committee Members: The Chair introduced the current Committee members: Tony Amber, Diana Hindle, Stuart Kimber, Tom Middleditch and himself – Allan Duncan. He expressed his thanks to all committee Members for their hard work during the past year.
A Brief History of the RA: The Residents Association was formed just over three years ago as a result of getting together to oppose the licensing hours applied for by the previous owner of Coldeast Mansion and the start of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. It then started to take on its present shape and objectives with the help and advice of Cllr Sean Woodward.
Initially the RA was for the AW2 site (Rothschild Drive and Nathaniel Close) only. However earlier this year we were asked to merge with the Nightingales park RA; in fact, we ended up taking over and representing the whole of Admirals Wood Lot 2 and renamed as Coldeast Drive RA. Very recently we took The Stableyard Mews ‘under our wing’ as they had no effective representation. We have been asked to merge with the AW1 RA and are still discussing this request.
Listed are just a few of the actions we have successfully completed on behalf of our members:
• We successfully stopped the anti-social hours application made by Coldeast Mansion.
• Worked closely with Hampshire County Council on the design of the pinch points, etc on Coldeast Drive.
• Worked with and continue to work with Fareham Borough Council on the upkeep and development of the large open area between Coldeast Drive and Jellicoe Drive.
• Formed a close working relationship with ERMC to ensure that the gardening, repairs, etc. needed on the Estate are carried out to a high standard.
• Have established effective communication with all local Emergency Services and, with the help of ERMC have fitted the official, coded emergency services padlocks to the two removable bollards in the ‘bus gate’.
• Are working with FBC on the introduction of a local Speedwatch project.
• We have run 4 Social Events, with the attendance at each one growing, we also have plans for more as detailed by Diana Hindle (below)
• We have established strong links and effective communication channels with all our Local Authorities, Lord Wilson School, Coldeast Mansion, the Developers, Homes England and other local Residents Associations.
• Recently we have put pressure on Miller Homes to clear all the grass, weeds and other rubbish from Coldeast Drive and they have asked ERMC to get quotes for doing this – we will keep on their case until it is done.
Future Social Events: Diana Hindle – who organises the Social Events for the residents announced that there will be an ‘American Style Supper’ to be held at Sarisbury Green social club on 25th January 2020.
In addition, Diana is liaising with the Strawberry Fields RA to investigate the possibility of holding a ’Big Lunch’ on Coldeast Drive’s open space – details will be circulated when they are confirmed.
Neighbourhood Watch: Diana Hindle gave an update on the local Neighbourhood Watch; a copy of the latest coverage figures is attached. She re-emphasised the need for us all to work together to make our Estate not just safe but even more neighbourly. Diana also re-emphasised the need for more Street Co-ordinators, particularly on the Nightingales Park area of the Estate.
Presentation by Councillor Woodward: Cllr Woodward gave an update on what is happening and has happened in the area – projects such as The Leisure Centre, the Children’s Play Park, Hollywell Lake Development and many other projects making this are a great place to live in. He also confirmed his ongoing support and help for our RA.
Cllr Woodward then introduced our prospective member of Parliament – Suella Braverman. Suella reaffirmed here support for what the RA are doing and said – should she be re-elected – she will continue to help when needed.
One of many local initiatives that Suella is involved in the Fareham Community Hospital. It is developing and expanding its services all the time making it a real bonus for all residents. One area of concern for Suella is the fact that Brook Lane Surgery do not participate at all and she hoped that the RA could help get the message of need through to the Surgery.
Presentation by Head of Lord Wilson School Academy: Chris Berry – the Head of Lord Wilson Academy – gave a presentation on the Academy’s work and its potential role in the Community. A copy of the presentation is available on request. Chris did state that the Academy has a number of Open Days and Evening, to which all are invited; he also reminded everyone that – should they have any problems with the Academy or its pupils he would welcome contact so that he can help resolve any issues.
The Academy is very much part of the local Community and Chris said he was keen to get involved – including an offer of rooms for meetings outside of school time (obviously with plenty of notice).
Presentation on the Work and Purpose of ERMC: Glenn McGuiness gave a presentation on the work of ERMC and an update on activities. A copy of the presentation is available on request. Allan thanked Glenn and Sarah for all their hard work and looked forward to even more success in the future.
Forming of new RA Committee: As per the Constitution, the existing members of the RA Committee resigned. Applications to join a new committee were circulated to all residents; the only applications, both proposed and seconded, were received from: Tony Amber, Allan Duncan, Diana Hindle, Stuart Kimber and Tom Middleditch. There were no objections to those proposed, therefore they are installed as the new RA Committee.
Various Questions: During the course of the meeting, various questions were asked and answered, below are a summary of them:
• Several residents asked Cllr Woodward when Coldeast Drive would be adopted. He explained that the actual process was in the hands of the developers – they decided when they wanted to put roads forward for adoption, then Hampshire County Council Highways would inspect and
detail what work was needed prior to adoption. Once this process had been completed the road would be placed ‘under maintenance’ for a period of 2 years. The short answer being that it will take years. However, he said he would work with the Committee to try to move things forward. Suella Braverman said that, should she be re-elected, she would help to put pressure on the developers to try to speed things up.
• Richard Crowley asked if he could be given the code to the Emergency Services padlocks in case there was ever an accident as the entrance to Coldeast Way which could restrict access. The Chair refused this request as it was important that just the Emergency Services only had the codes to ensure that the bollards were not taken down, thus turning Coldeast Drive and Coldeast Way into a ‘rat run’ which no-one wanted. He also pointed out that, in the very unlikely event of there being an accident blocking the entrance as Richard Crowley suggested – the Emergency Services would be there anyway.
• John Meredith asked when the residents would be taking over the Management Company. Glenn replied that Allan was already a Shadow Director of the Management Company and that were both constantly trying to arrange a Directors Meeting. He stated that things would start to move forward and Allan and one other would then become the full Directors.
• Richard Crowley asked Cllr Woodward whether the flats due to be erected on the old Scout Hut site would be social Housing. Cllr Woodward explained to Richard the various options covered by the term Social Housing and confirmed that the flats would be for Social housing. He also stated that no starting date for construction has been announced yet.
Close of Meeting: The meeting closed at 8,20 p.m. Allan Duncan thanked everyone for attending and gave special thanks to our ‘invited guests’ for their valuable contributions.