Minutes of Meeting 22nd April 2022




PRESENT:  Allan Duncan (Chair), Diana Hindle (via WhatsApp), Tony Amber, Stuart Kimber, and Tom Middleditch (via WhatsApp)

APOLOGIES:  Apologies were received from Sue

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:  The previous Minutes were agreed and approved

SOCIAL:  Diana reported that she had met with the Events Manager of Coldeast Mansion and agreed to hold our AGM there on 16th May. There would be no charge for room hire and tea and coffee would be provided with the use of an ‘honesty box.’                                                       She also confirmed that we would be able to hold our Jubilee Event on 4th June on the front lawn. People attending were to be asked not to drive to The Mansion and not to take any alcohol, The Mansion will offer a 10% discount on drinks to all attending. Diana is going to ask if a Residents’ Discount Voucher would be permanent. If this is agreed, it could be a benefit of joining the CDRA. Diana also asked about a possible Social Dinner in September with a set price meal and would follow this up.

COMMUNAL GARDENING:  Stuart reported that he had met with and walked around the Estate with Envirocare. The Company was very professional and already work on six sites owned by Millers. The Company had responded to ERMC re the tendering and had asked some questions which ERMC had failed to respond to. Stuart has arranged for the Committee to see a copy of the quote which is being submitted. It was felt that ERMC are doing all in their power to ensure that their company – the Rangers are successful in the bidding process. The other company he contacted did not turn up for the meeting with him; a third company which ERMC said they had contacted does not appear to be operational. 

 REPLANTING PROGRAMME:   Stuart reported that he had seen indications that the replanting programme had just started. He would keep a watching brief on the progress. Diana reported that the tree in front of No 44 had been removed by ERMC – Allan would ask if this were part of the replanting programme and, if so, when would it be replaced.

COMMUNICATION WITH ERMC:  Allan was asked to send his proposed reply to Glenn’s email for approval by the Committee prior to sending it. The Committee agreed that it was obvious that ERMC are trying to ignore them – and agreed the answer is to strengthen our Membership numbers.

CDRA WEBSITE/MEMBERSHIP:   Sue and Steve were thanked for printing and delivering our ‘leaflet.’   The AGM would be promoted as a General Meeting of Owners and Residents on the AW Facebook Page at least two or three times – with varied reasons for people to attend. ERMC would also be invited to attend again. In addition, either Stuart or Allan would approach Lisa on Nightingales to try to persuade her to join our Committee, to ensure that Nightingales was represented on it.

SERVICE CHARGE ARREARS:  It was agreed that no further action could be taken as ERMC are refusing to discuss the problem.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH:  Diana reported that she had attended an online training session and had learnt that it might be possible for CDRA to liaise with NHW and benefit from possible fundraising, amongst other benefits. She would find out more details and report back.

NEXT MEETING:  The date, time and venue for the next meeting is to be agreed. Allan would circulate some suggested details for agreement.