CDRA Achievements

Some of CDRA achievements so far:

  • We successfully stopped the anti-social hours application made by the previous Coldeast Mansion owners.
  • Establishing communication with the current owners of Coldeast Mansion for the benefit of all residents
  • Worked closely with Hampshire County Council on the design of the pinch points, etc on Coldeast Drive.
  • Worked with and continue to work with Fareham Borough Council on the upkeep and development of the large open area between Coldeast Drive and Jellicoe Drive.
  • Formed a close working relationship with ERMC to ensure that the gardening, repairs, etc. needed on the Estate are carried out to a high standard.
  • Have established effective communication with all local Emergency Services and, with the help of ERMC have fitted the official, coded emergency services padlocks to the two removable bollards in the ‘bus gate’.
  • Are working with FBC on the introduction of a local Speedwatch project.
  • We have run 6 Social Events, with the attendance at each one growing, we also have plans for more.
  • We have established strong links and effective communication channels with all our Local Authorities, Lord Wilson School, Coldeast Mansion, the Developers, Homes England and other local Residents Associations.
  • We have put pressure on Miller Homes to clear all the grass, weeds and other rubbish from Coldeast Drive and they have asked ERMC to get quotes for doing this – we will keep on their case until it is done.