Minutes of Meeting 17th January 2022


PRESENT: Allan Duncan, Diana Hindle, Tony Amber and Stuart Kimber of the CDRA .  

Laura Hayles and Glenn McGinness of ERMC.

Reorganisation of ERMC:  It was reported that Laura was being promoted to oversee the work of the ERMC Services for the area, assisted by Amy and Paula.   A site assessor would also be appointed shortly.   Glenn had been moved to a different area but would still be available to answer any historic problems.

Residents Gardening Survey:  The results of the Survey were briefly discussed.   The general feeling that an average of between 5 and 6 was a true reflection of the views of most residents.   However, more is needed to be done by the Gardeners (soon to be appointed from the tendering process) to provide true value for money.

Glenn reported that the ‘wild area’ at the top of Nathaniel Close will shortly have posts fitted to stop people parking on the grass area.   He also agreed that with all wild areas there will be a ‘mown edge’ of at least 1.5 metres, this will enhance the look of the wild area.

New Gardening Contract:  Having briefly studied the proposed new Gardening Contract, it was felt that it was simpler and there for easy to assess the outcomes.

Replanting Programme:  Laura reported that the replanting programme would start within the next 6 – 7 weeks.   This year the hedges and plants would be main basis with the lawns being acted on next year.

Hedge on 1 Nathaniel Close:   It was obvious that the height of the hedge should be restricted to a maximum of ½ metre for safety reasons. Stuart agreed to send a ‘map’ of the Estate to Glenn to prove that the hedge should never have been planted in the area. 

Communication:   It was agreed that the Zoom Meeting was worthwhile to all concerned and it was suggested that we could hold another one in approximately 6 months.

Dates for our Calendars:

AGM 28 Feb - at The Mansion

Social 14 March 2 options of meal – at The Mansion.  Pre-booking and deposit essential

4 June Party - street party style, bring your own picnic pre-book - residents only

Next Meeting 3.30 on 7th Feb at 44 Rothschild Drive