Minutes of Meeting 21st May 2021

PRESENT: Diana Hindle, Tony Amber, Tom Middleditch and Stuart Kimber.
JUNE 2020 MINUTES: It was agreed that the June Minutes held on 26th June 2020 were
indeed the last set of minutes and were approved.
AGENDA: Copies were circulated by email to CDRA members on 19th May.
CDRA CONSTITUTION: Copies of the CDRA Constitution date 27/09/2109 were provided
as concerns had been raised about meeting some aspects of section 4 regarding the change
of Chairman and that all communication after that change had been by email rather than
holding actual / virtual meetings.
It was agreed that given the circumstances outside of our control that it was not
unreasonable to conduct business in that way, but that we should host the AGM at the
earliest opportunity (October mooted) and declare any deficiency then; Diana suggested
that it be held at Sarisbury Community Centre and that we ask ERMC to pay.
ERMC: Stuart reported that there had been a meeting on the 5th May hosted by Allan as the
director of Manco and ERMC represented by Glenn / Ben, at this meeting Allan discussed
the following:
 Letter from ERCM regarding ownership of front Gardens and agree outcome.
 Plan of action for remedial works.
 Clarification of the £150 charge.
 The portal which ERMC has mentioned.
 Monthly Meetings with Gardeners to ensure that agreed actions have happened.
A copy of the outcome was provided to CDRA members and been posted on AW FB page
as news.
Furthermore, there had been a site meeting on 5th May between ERMC represented by
Glenn / Ben and Stuart, both sides of Coldeast Drive were discussed during an extensive
walk around, and a copy of the outcome circulated to the committee by email on 5th May.
COLDEAST MANSION: It is believed that the Mansion is up for sale, but Stuart will ascertain
if that is the case or what the plan is.
LWS ACADEMY: It was suggested that as the lockdown restrictions are easing that the
time is right to reconnect with the Academy. Stuart to contact Chris Berry the Head of
LWS Academy.
ERMC: Tom to approach ERMC to request a review of their accounts with a particular focus
on understanding how they partition their accounts for management company and builder
liabilities e.g., adoptable areas etc - also an update on the preparation of this year's accounts
and development of next years’ service charge.
GATE HOUSE: This is an outstanding action on Stuart to check with FBC Planning to see
exactly what the new building at the Gate House will be.
ROAD ADOPTION: It is believed that ERMC is making headway with the road adoption now
that they have a connection with Linden Homes, Glenn hopes that the roads could be
adopted within a year. Stuart will check with HCC / FBC on the latest News.
SPEED RESTRICTIONS: Stuart will check with Simon Martin and HCC as to what can be
done to add speed restrictions to the roads once adopted.
WILDFLOWER AREAS: Stuart will check with Mick Gore at FBC about the plan for the
wildflower areas and grass cutting that isn’t being done by FBC around the central area
between AW2 and Nightingales.
AOB: Tony raised the issue of parking along Coldeast Drive on Wednesday evenings which
is believed is due to visitors / fans attending the football matches played on the pitches
leading to the Sports Centre, it was also noted that cars were also parking within the AW2
It has been reported that the bushes at No.1 Rothschild are encroaching on the visibility at
the junction with Coldeast Drive – Stuart will talk to Gardeners.
SOCIAL EVENT: Diana mooted that the next social event (when appropriate) could be held
at the Strawberry Fields Tavern as it was successful before.
NEW MEMBER: Having received a request from Allan to re-join CDRA an email was
circulated to all members and unanimously agreed by all on 24th May.
NEW CHAIR: Due to personal reasons Stuart stepped down as chair of CDRA and
requested that Allan take over this role, an email was circulated to all members and
unanimously agreed by all on 27th June.
ERMC: Allan informed Glenn McGinness and Laura Hayles of the committee's decision that
he take over the role as chair on 28th June.
NEXT MEETING: 3:15 p.m. on Friday 16th July at 54 Rothschild Drive.