CDRA Committee

Your Committee Members:

Allan Duncan (Chair)

Tony Amber

Diana Hindle

Stuart Kimber

Thomas Middleditch

Our Formal Constitution confirms our Objective as:

To represent and promote the interests of all residents living in the Coldeast Drive Estate - which comprises Rothschild Drive, Nathaniel Close, Jellicoe Drive, Jerram Place, Burney Place, Sylvan Court and The Stableyard.

To achieve this Overall Objective, we will:

  1. Seek to improve conditions for residents in the area by listening to their needs and trying to react to them.
  2. Work in partnership with the Council (both Hampshire and Fareham) and other official agencies to achieve our aims.
  3. Represent the interests of residents in consultation with the local authority and other bodies.
  4. Offer some social events to all residents, in the hope of encouraging a friendly and social environment.
  5. If appropriate, to form an unincorporated association for the purpose of raising and utilising funds for the benefit of the community.
  6. The Association shall be non-party political and non-sectarian.


To help achieve these objectives, we have established good contact and effective communication with Hampshire County Council, Fareham Borough Council, our Local Councillors, Fareham Neighbourhood Watch, ERMC and the overall Management Company, all of whom we are in regular contact with, including face-to-face meetings if needed.

If you have any queries or problems that you would like us to investigate or answer for you please contact us on