Minutes of Meeting 5th November 2021

PRESENT: Allan Duncan (Chair), Diana Hindle, Tony Amber and Stuart Kimber
MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: The Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st October were reviewed and approved.
SERVICE CHARGE: Allan reported that – on his calculations – the Service Charge had increased by 14% over the previous year but only by 2% over the 2019/202 figures. This was because last year’s charge included a rebate for work not undertaken due to Covid restrictions.
COMMUNAL GARDENING: Stuart reported that the Rangers were implementing all the recommendations contained in the report he and Tony had written. However, he has still not had confirmation of its full acceptance by ERMC, despite chasing.
Tony stated that it was important that the ivy be fully removed from the trees they had highlighted as not action would result in permanent damage to the trees. It was also essential that the Ash trees they had reported be removed.
Stuart reported that the gardeners has let him know that they were returning on 15th November. When he meets up with them, he will ask about the completion of the work started on the balancing ponds.
Stuart will contact ERMC to ensure that the hedge around 1 Rothschilds is either fully chopped back or removed, it is dangerous and has an adverse effect on the visibility splay.
Allan agreed to chase up the outstanding new Gardening Specification again.
ADOPTION OF COLDEAST DRIVE: Allan reported that Hampshire Highways had informed him that the one hold up to the adoption of Coldeast Drive was the fact that Millers’ groundwork team had put tarmac over a drainage cover, Millers had been informed of this but had not taken any action.
Stuart reported that a team from Lyndon Homes had been checking Nightingales with a view to ensuring the roads were ready for adoption. Allan was asked to contact Lyndon Homes and ascertain their position on the problem of adoption of Coldeast Drive.
MAINTENANCE OF COLDEAST DRIVE: Allan reported that ERMC had still not updated him on the work that was needed.
COLDEAST MANSION: It was agreed that the re-opening of The Mansion was good news for the Estate.
SOCIAL: Diana was thanked for arranging a very successful Social Event at Strawberry Fields. A few other potential venues were discussed.
It was agreed that Allan would arrange for himself and Diana to meet up with the owners of The Mansion to see what possibilities there were for future events.
ERMC COMMUNICATIONS: It was agreed that Allan would send a strong email to ERMC concerning their total lack of response to emails and phone calls from both himself and Stuart.
Allan reported that he had taken some legal advice and it was perfectly legal to withhold payment of the gardening part from the Service Charge because ERMC had failed to meet the specifications that they had produced.
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH: Diana reported that her inclination that there were too many and too mixed messages from NHW was quite correct and she would continue just sending out ‘messages’ that she felt were essential.
CDRA WEBSITE: Diana reported that she had nearly completed that work on the Website and that it was possible to register on it as a Member of CDRA. Allan agreed to suggest some ‘marketing wording’ for the site.
Stuart reported that he had successfully tested the new email address to be linked to the Website – hello.cdra@outlook.com. He confirmed that all emails would be forwarded to himself and Allan.
CDRA MEMBERSHIP: Stuart reported that he found a few residents were interested in the CDRA, but – as soon as he mentioned joining the Committee – interest dropped. His suggestion that we should simply encourage residents to join the CDRA with no need to join the Committee was agreed as being a worthwhile idea.
We would then be able to promote the CDRA Website for information, news, etc and it was agreed the Stuart and Diana would investigate getting some simple cards printed by Vistaprint to hand out, with the Committee Members sharing the cost.
It was also agreed to ‘pencil in’ the evening of 23rd February 2022 as the next AGM date.