March 2016

 June 2016

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September 2016

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November 2016



 January 2017

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March 2017

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May 2017

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 Annual/Parish September 2017

 September 2017

Attachment 1 Draft fire

Attachment 2 Final changes to EDP Proposals Map


November 2017

Attachment 1 Auditors issues arising report yr end March 2017

Attachment 2 Auditors certificate



January 2018

Attachment 1 Letter from Surveyors


April 2018


Statement of Transactions 2017-18

Asset Register

Decision tree 2017-18.pdf

Annual return part 2 final.pdf

Preparing for the gdpr 12-steps.pdf

May 2018

 May Annual 2018

May Annual Parish 2018

July 2018

October 2018


TCS Accounts pdf

 Gambling Act 2005 - Draft Statement of Principles 2019-2022 pdf


February 2019

Email response from TCS   

PC Risk Assessment1

Email to Parish Councils re grouse shooting 

Lancashire Household Waste Recycling Centre Stakeholder 2019

May 2019

 May Annual Parish 2019

  September 2019

December 2019.pdf

Thank you letter[1473].pdf


March 2020.pdf

April 2020 pdf

 June 2020 pdf

Sept Annual 2020.pdf 

 Sept 2020.pdf

 Dec 2020.pdf


 Feb 2021.pdf

May Annual Parish 2021.pdf

Attachment 1 Chairs Annual Report pdf .

 May Annual 2021.pdf

 Attachment MRT thank you letter.pdf

Attachment Email from Community Space.pdf

 August 2021.pdf

 Attachment localdeliveryscheme2021-2022(e-letter)[5930].pdf

Attachment CRMP-2022-DRAFT-V3.pdf

 November 2021.pdf

Attachment Model Councillor Code of Conduct.pdf

Attachment RTF Parish Introductions

Attachment WMP Lyme House Woodlands pdf


February 2022.pdf


Budget comparison statement 2021.2022b.pdf 

Draft budget 2022.2023.pdf

TRAINING SLIDES - New standards arrangements version_(1).ppt

May Annual Parish 2022.pdf

 Attachment Annual Parish - Chairmans report 2022.pdf

May Annual PC 2022 docx.pdf

Attachment PC end of year Accounts 2021.22(2).pdf

Attachment Complaints procedure draft.pdf

August 2022 pdf

Attachments  Better_Working_Between_LCC_Parish&Town_Councils.pdf


Clerks Report  Aug 2022.pdf

November 2022.2 docx.pdf

Attachments  Clerks Report Nov 2022.pdf

Standing Orders Nov 2022.pdf


Feb 2023.pdf

Attachment Clerks Report Feb 2023.pdf

May Annual Parish 2023.pdf

Attachment Chairman's report 2023.pdf

May Annual Parish Council 2023 docx.pdf

Attachment Clerks Report May 2023.pdf

August 2023 docx.pdf

Attachment Clerks Report  August_2023.pdf

November 2023.pdf

Attachment Clerks Report November 2023.pdf


February 2024.pdf

Attachments Clerks Report.pdf

Expenditure against budget_2023.2024.pdf

DRAFT budget 2024.2025.pdf 

May Annual Parish 2024.pdf

Chairmans report 2024.pdf

May Annual Parish Council 2024pdf