Thorrington Parish Council carry out a number of services for their community.

What does the Parish Council look after?

The Council own and operate an allotment site, tennis court, the Chapel Lane playing field and also provide dog waste bags, street lighting and bus shelters for the local residents. The cost of providing these services is covered through the precept, an amount of money charged to residents through their Council Tax.

Further details about these areas can be found through the following links:


Chapel Lane Playing Field

Street Lights

Bus Shelters

Local Planning

Whilst the Parish Council do not provide planning services, they are a statutory consultee on all planning within the parish boundary and each application is put before them so that they can look at it, understand how the changes will affect the community and comment appropriately.  For more details about what planning is submitted to the District Council and the County Council please see our Planning page


Thorrington Parish Council

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