The Parish Council are responsible for using tax payers money, by way of the precept, in order to maintain and benefit the village.  The Councillors and Officers are held to a number of regulations in order to ensure that this money is not misappropriated in any way. 

Before anything is purchased or work carried out the payment must be authorised at a meeting of the Parish Council.  No individual Councillor can authorise money being spent.  Each payment requires two Councillors to sign for and all payments are carefully recorded.

The rules that govern how the money is held and process can be found via the link below

Thorrington Parish Council Financial Regulations 2019

Each Parish Council has someone appointed to handle the financial business of the Council.  In some instances the Clerk carries out the role. In Thorrington the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) administers all the financial requirements of the Parish Council.  All transactions are recorded and submitted to the Council for review and annually they are checked by independent auditors.  The general public may inspect the accounts of the Parish Council by appointment with the RFO.

Payments authorised at each meeting are noted in the minutes which are then displayed on the noticeboards and this website.

If you wish to contact the Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer please do so through the details below.  Please leave a message detailing your name, contact number and the reason for your call. The Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer is employed for 36 hours a month. Every effort is put into making contact as quickly as possible.

Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer:

Lynsey Ritchie-Fagg:

01255 722288

Thorrington Parish Council

Lynsey Ritchie-Fagg

01255 736077

1 Heron Way
Frinton on Sea
CO13 0UU