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Chapel Lane Playing Field

The triangular area that sits between Church Road, Clacton Road and Chapel Lane was once part of Pound Farm.  It has been owned by the Parish Council since August 1930 and is now known as Chapel Lane Playing Field.

The land was officially gifted to Thorrington Parish Council by Frank Disney Girling to provide a playing field under the Recreation Grounds Act 1859.  According to the original deeds it measures two acres, two rods and twelve perches. 

Today the playing field contains a number of items of play equipment ranging from swings and slides for younger children, to a basketball hoop and hangout shelter aimed at older children.      

A few years ago outdoor gym equipment was added which has proved to be very popular with local residents of all ages. 

The playing field is also now home to a 'Happy to Chat' bench.  If you would welcome a conversation with someone please sit on this bench, which is just to the left of the Chapel Lane entrance gate as you come on to the field.

Chapel Lane Gym EquipmentHappy to chat bench


No dogs allowed

No Dogs On The Playing Field

For several reasons dogs are not permitted on the playing field, mainly because of the dangers of toxocariasis, an infection that can cause dizziness, nausea or blindness. 

There is a byelaw in place which details that anyone allowing dogs to be on the playing field can be prosecuted through the magistrates court and fines imposed.  1989 Byelaw - Dogs In The Ground

The byelaw states that a fine of no more that level two can be issued.  Under the Criminal Justice Act 1982 standard scale that means that currently the fine could be up to £500.

When walking dogs in other areas of the village, please keep Thorrington safe and pleasant for everyone by clearing up after them and making sure to place the waste in any of the bins provided.  If the bins are full, in the first instance, please contact Tendring District Council.


The playing field is run as a general play space but occasionally it is used for events or to park vehicles for neighbouring organisations when they hold events.  As the field is private property anyone wishing to use it for these events must have Parish Council permission.  This can only be granted by a vote of the Council at a meeting. 

In order for everyone to be safe and covered in the event of accidents, before permission can be given organisers are required to provide the details of the event, insurance cover, risk assessments and any licences provided by Tendring District Council.

Please note: The Parish Council insurance policy does not cover third party events - individual public liability insurance must be in place for every event that is organised by independent groups or organisations.

We suggest that anyone wishing to use the field visit the Government Guidance - Organising a voluntary event page for information. 

Please contact the Parish Clerk in order to arrange the Parish Council considering an event.

Hazel Close Open Space - The grass area at Hazel Close, which includes an enclosed children's play area, is owned by Tendring District Council.  For issues concerning this space please contact Tendring District Council.

Council Representative - Councillor Andy Sadler

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