Parish Councils are made up of elected local people that take on the role of councillor and employed staff that advise them. The number of councillors and staff vary depending on the size of the area it serves and the services it provides.

Thorrington Parish Council has 9 councillor seats which are filled by elections every four years or by co-option. Every Council has a Clerk who sometimes also acts as the Responsible Financial Officer, which, is the case for Thorrington. 

These two positions ensure that the necessary administrative and financial duties are carried out and that the Council are informed of the legal implications of matters which come before them.

Each Council adopts a set of rules and values that it expects all of their Councillors to uphold, known as the Code of Conduct.  This sets out some general obligations regarding their behaviour, how they should handle personal interest in items and their duty to report potential conflicts of interest.  These rules are essential for those in a position of elected office.  This document does not apply to staff of the Council, who are held to the same employment conditions as any employed individual.

Details of the current members of the council can be found on the Councillors page.  The last elections held were in 2023 and are due to be held again in 2027.  Vacant seats may be filled in between elections by a process of co-option.

If you have some time to spare each month and would like to have a say in the decisions taken regarding the village, the Parish Council currently has 3 seats available.  Please see our Vacancies page or contact any member of the Council to find out more information about becoming a Councillor.

The Council must have enough members to make a quorum in order to meet.  If there are not enough seats filled there is a process in law that would enable decisions to be made and the future of the Council decided.  Please note, decisions regarding the village would not immediately transfer to Tendring District Council.

Thorrington Parish Council

Lynsey Ritchie-Fagg

01255 736077

1 Heron Way
Frinton on Sea
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