Pictorial representation of the four empty seats at Thorrington Parish Council

Thorrington Parish Council has 4 empty seats


Who are we looking for?

A Parish Council is made up of people from all different backgrounds and experiences.  It is important that you live or work locally and care about the village.  The combination of voices helps the right decisions to get made for the community that the Council serves.

The fantastic thing about local democracy is that every voice counts.  Each Councillor has equal right to speak, equal right to be heard and most importantly an equal vote.

To be a Parish Councillor you must be over 18 years old and British citizen or member of the Commonwealth or European Union.  You must also have lived or worked in Thorrington or within 3 miles of the village for 12 months.

What does a Parish Councillor do?

In Thorrington our Councillors attend meetings (usually once a month), read information provided about local issues and make decisions about where the precept (money from local taxes) is spent within the village.

There can be a bit to learn but training is available (provided by the Essex Association of Local Councils) and the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer are always willing to help.  Most Councillors pick it up as they go along and eventually understand the rules that are in place and for the need for transparency in all that the Council does.

If you have any interest in representing your demographic within the village by adding your voice to the Council please contact the Clerk, the Responsible Financial Officer or any of the Councillors..


National Association of Local Councils - It Takes All Sorts Booklet

National Association of Local Councils - All About Parish & Town Councils Booklet

Thorrington Parish Council

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