Parish Councils employ a Clerk, also know as the Proper Officer, to ensure that they are conducting their business in the proper manner.  They are not elected and their role is to be independent and objective when providing the Council with advice and support.  The Clerk does not work for the Chairman or any individual Councillor, they are employed by the Council as one body.  When a Clerk leaves or is off with a long term illness, there may be a locum put in place to carry out the duties.  The Clerk to the Council is responsible for a wide range of matters, including setting the meeting agendas, taking minutes and informing the Council of legislation and other factors that concern the items that they consider.


Every year the business of the Council is audited by an independent firm, known as the internal audit and sometimes also by a nationally appointed firm, known as the external audit.  The Clerk must submit a number of the Council documents to them in order for their processes to be assessed.  The paperwork from these audits appears in the noticeboards at a certain period in the year and are available on our audit page on this website.  This process is time-consuming for the Clerk but ensures that the Council are complying with the law.

Thorrington Parish Council, like many councils, has a Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) who handles all the payments made or received and maintains the financial records surrounding Council business.  These documents can be found below and also in the finance section of this website.

Asset Register

General Data Protection Regulations

Privacy Notice


If you wish to contact the Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer please do so through the details below.  Please leave a message detailing your name, contact number and the reason for your call. The Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer is employed for 44 hours a month. Every effort is put into making contact as quickly as possible.

Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer:

Lynsey Ritchie-Fagg:

01255 736077


Thorrington Parish Council

Lynsey Ritchie-Fagg

01255 736077

1 Heron Way
Frinton on Sea
CO13 0UU