Noticed a street light in Thorrington has a problem?

Thorrington Parish Council maintain 35 street lights around the main roads through the village.  Lights on the newer developments are usually the responsibility of Essex County Council.  The lights around Thorrington Cross are also their responsibility.  Please report problems with these lights through the Essex County Council website - Report It .

If you live on one of the roads below it is likely that the Parish Council maintain the street lights near your property:

Brightlingsea Road, Chapel Lane, Church RoadClacton Road, Frating Road, Great Bentley Road, Station Road, Tenpenny Hill

For the specific lights on these roads that we are responsible for please check our list through the link below.

Thorrington Parish Council owned street lights

If the light with a problem is on our list above please contact the Parish Clerk or the RFO to report it, giving the details of the location of the light and the particular issue.

Due to the age of the lights and the rising cost of replacement parts the Parish Council decided to upgrade to more energy efficient LED lights.  The two year program was started in February 2021 and completed in January 2022, falling across two financial years but allowing the work to be completed within a 12 month period.  Going forward this should significantly reduce both light pollution and the cost of maintenance and electricity.


Thorrington Parish Council

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