Chapel Lane Playing Field

Despite the anti social problems that surrounded the old skate ramp, when it was found to be unsafe it was removed with the intention of replacing it. 

Once funding was secured and a contractor from Romford was awarded the contract to build the new one, the old one was removed towards the end of 2017. 

Unfortunately when the contractor went out of business, due to the time scales involved, some of the funding fell through and in order to use the remaining grant to benefit the village it was proposed that gym equipment be installed instead.  The equipment has been very popular with residents, with both young and old seen using it regularly.

If residents would like to discuss the installation of a new ramp they are welcome to put forward a fully funded proposal to the Parish Council by contacting the Clerk.

Dogs are not permitted on the playing field, in part due to the dangers of toxocariasis, an infection that can cause dizziness, nausea or blindness.  There is a byelaw regarding dogs on the playing field that can be prosecuted through the magistrates court and fines imposed for those not adhering to the restriction.

Over the years the playing field at Chapel Lane has been opened for events and parking and it remains available for use for the benefit of the village. 

As the field is owned and maintained by the Parish Council any permission to use it must come from the Council as a whole.  This must be done at a documented meeting, before it can be used.  

To request use of the Chapel Lane Playing Field please contact the Clerk through the details on main page.

When it was first held the Parish Council did organise the event.  In 2010 a seperate organisation was created called the Thorrington Village Day Committee.  Whilst some of the members of the committee are also Parish Councillors the two organisations are seperate.

Parish Council contact

The Parish Clerk responds to all communication send via email or the telephone number listed.  The Parish Council only employ a Clerk on a part time basis and the current Clerk fits the hours around a full time job.  Emails and calls are answered as soon as possible based on the time sensitative nature of the enquiry.

Councillors can also be contacted in person with enquiries.

We ask for your patience and understanding.

No.  The Parish Council has no affiliation to this website or the organisation behind it.  Whilst it may look like the site, it is not affiliated with the UK governement.

The Parish Council only provides information on this website and the facebook page linked on this site.

Thorrington Parish Council have not and would not ask any individual or organisation for money for advertising space.

Events on Parish Council property

Just like with any land, you must ask permission of the owner in order to use it.  The Parish Council meets once a month and it is only while they meet that permission can be granted.  Applications must be on the agenda in order to be discussed and decided on.

The Parish Council insurance policy does not cover events held by outside organisations so applicants must provide the details of their public liability insurance.  They will also need to send the details of the event they are holding and a risk assessment.

Hazel Close Open Space

No.  The grass area and enclosed play area in Hazel Close, known as Hazel Close Open Space is owned by Tendring District Council.  Any questions or concerns about its use should be directed to their parks department.  As the grass was not being kept short enough for playing sports, etc, Thorrington Parish Council taken on its maintenance for the benefit of the village residents.

Speeding within the village

During meetings over the last few years the public questions item has often seen an individual resident attend wishing to ask the Parish Council what can be done about speeding vehicles through the village, mainly along the Clacton Road (B1027). 

The Parish Council have raised this issue with the County Council on numerous occasions and a number of speed surveys carried out, which have failed to prove to ECC that there is a problem. 

Some time ago a community speed watch was set up but this folded after numbers of willing residents declined.  If you would be willing to be trained and volunteer time to carry out a speed watch please contact the Clerk.

Going forward the Parish Council feel that they need to be able to demonstrate the number of people affected to further awareness with the County Council.  Residents have been asked to formulate a petition or well attended action group.

The County Council have noted in the past that speed enforcement is a police matter and it is suggested that residents contact the local policing team.

Street furniture within the village

Roads and the majority of street furniture is the responsibility of Essex County Council and problems need to be report to them.  For efficiency this is done through their website at the link below:

The Parish Council does not allow signs to be attached to the barriers around the Cross because it blocks the vision of the vehicles moving around that area.

If you would like the Parish Council to consider permitting a sign in any other area of the Cross please contact the Clerk with details of the wording, size and location so that the Council can understand the impact of your request.

Street light issues

Some of the street lights in the village are maintained by the Parish Council and others are the reponsibility of Essex County Council.  The quickest way to find out who the street light needs to be highlighted to is to check the Essex County Council Report It webpage.  If the light is not shown on their map please contact the Clerk with the road name and details of the nearest property. 

The Parish Council has upgraded all the street lights that it owns.  Many of the old street lights were around 30-40 years old.  Due to financing the Parish Council LED role out was carried out over two years.

Any lights that have not been changed by March 2022 are not owned by Thorrington Parish Council and will be changed by Essex County Council in due course.

Village Hall

The Parish Council do not own or run the village hall, for details of events or to make bookings please contact the Booking Secretary, Steve Webb, 2 Chapel Lane, Thorrington CO7 8HG

Tel: 01206 251452   Mobile: 07941757090   email: