Thorrington in Bloom

Throughout Thorrington there are a number of planters, filled with colour during the year.  These have been maintained by Thorrington In Bloom, a small dedicated team of volunteers and the supplies required funded by donations.

Established by the Parish Council in the spring of 2006, a number of different Councillors have acted as representative to the Council, coordinating with the local resident volunteers, with the aim of enhancing the colour of the village.  Various containers can be found at Thorrington Cross, the Village Hall and outside the shop.  During the summer months the team take on the watering on a rota basis.

Are you green fingered?  Can you wield a watering can?  Do you excel at raising funding?

Thorrington In Bloom has been run though the Parish Council but is looking for a co-ordinator, if you are interest in the voluntary role please contact the Clerk.

Alternatively, if you would like to set up an independent Thorrington In Bloom group, resources can be found through the RHS website via the link below

Any independent group would need to liaise with the County Council, Parish Council and other private landowners for permission to maintain the beds on their property but would be able to raise their own funding and operate under their own guidance. 

Thorrington Parish Council

Lynsey Ritchie-Fagg

01255 736077

1 Heron Way
Frinton on Sea
CO13 0UU