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Thorrington Parish Council represent the occupants of more than 500 households in the village of Thorrington, found just north of Brightlingsea and inbetween Colchester and Clacton. 

A Parish Council is the first tier of local government and has the closest connection to an area.  It is run by local residents and gives a voice to the small details often overlooked by larger Councils.  

Thorrington Parish Council has nine seats, with elections held every four years to select Councillors.  Candidates must live within three miles of the area they wish to stand for in an election.  Once the Council is formed, Councillors attend meetings to discuss issues facing the village and vote when decision need to be made.  Details of your current Councillors and their roles can be found via the links above.  

The Parish Council meet every month, usually on the first Wednesday in the month at 7pm in the village hall.  Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings and ask questions during the public questions section.  Following each meeting the minutes are placed on two noticeboards (at the village hall and the bus shelter at the cross) and on this website.

Thorrington Parish Council owns and maintains the playing field at Chapel Lane, the allotments and the tennis court, found just off Clacton Road.  More details about these can be found on their individual pages.  They also maintain various other pieces of street furniture and the verges within the village.  


Should you wish to contact the Council please do so through the Clerk whose details are shown below.  Please note that the Parish Council do not have an office within the village and employ the Clerk on a part time basis.


Other tax funded operations that residents of the village may require are carried out by higher levels of government. 

Tendring District Council are responsible for, amoungst other things, waste collection, housing and planning.

Essex County Council maintain the roads and provide adult social care, schools, libraries and bus services throughout the area.

Thorrington Parish Council

3a Parkfield Street

01206 729943