Thorrington Village SignThorrington Parish Council represents the occupants of over 500 households in the village of Thorrington, Essex.

Parish Councils are often confused with Church parishes, but are in fact the first tier of local government, run by local residents and who give a voice to the small details that are so often overlooked by larger authoritative bodies.

The Council meets generally once a month, what they will discuss can be found on the agenda and what happened is reported in the minutes.  Decisions are made on how money should be spent and information is shared with the district and county councils that directly effect the village.

In Thorrington, the Parish Council own the Chapel Lane Playing Field, the tennis court and the allotments.  They also maintain some of the street lights, verges and bus shelters throughout the village.

For more details about the Parish Council please have a look through the pages on this website.  To see what is happening in and around the village and for links to our local community partners please check out our News and Digital Noticeboard pages. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Clerk to the Council or any members of the Council.



The higher tiers of local government for Thorrington are:

for waste collection, housing and planning

 for roads, schools, libraries and bus services

Tendring District Council Essex County Council


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Census 2021 Thorrington

You have until the end of April/early May to make your census return. 

Everyone is legally required to fill out the details and you could face a £1,000 fine if you do not make a return.

Please check out the Census Myth Buster and if you have any problems please contact us.






Thorrington Parish Council

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