Thorrington Parish Council represents the residents of the village of Thorrington, Essex

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Parish Councils are often confused with Church parishes, but are in fact the first tier of local government for a civil parish.  Each seat on the Council can only be taken up by local residents and it provides a voice to the small details that are so often overlooked by larger authoritative bodies.  Thorrington has three vacant seats, if you are a resident and would like more information please see our Vacancies page.

The Council meets generally once a month, usually on the first Wednesday.  What they will discuss can be found on the agenda and what happens is reported in the minutes.  Decisions are made on how money should be spent and information is shared with the district and county council representatives.  Members of the public are welcome to observe the meeting.

The Council operates as one body made up of many people, anything within its remit must be put to all the members at a meeting and a decision arrived at by a majority vote.  No individual Councillor has more say than any other.  No one Councillor speaks for the Council nor makes decisions concerning it by themselves.  This system can be slow and seem old fashioned but it is democracy at work.  Unlike in a private business with line management, in local government every Councillor has the opportunity to consider the issue and vote with equal weight. 

In Thorrington, the Parish Council represent the occupants of around 500 households and own the Chapel Lane Playing Field, the tennis court, the allotments, a number of street lights and bus shelters.  They maintain the some of verges on behalf of the County Council throughout the village.  As these areas owned or operated by the Council as a whole and paid for with tax payers money, any decisions involving them must be arrived at fairly and transparently and must be decided on by all members.

For more details about the Parish Council please have a look through the pages on this website or check out our new facebook page.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Clerk to the Council or any members of the Council.

For more information about Thorrington village and the surrounding area, please see our Parish page.  To see what is happening in and around the village and for links to our local community partners please check out our News and Digital Noticeboard pages.

The higher tiers of local government for Thorrington are Tendring District Council for waste collection, housing and planning and Essex County Council for roads, schools, libraries and bus services.  Please click on the images below for links to their respective websites.

Tendring District Council

Essex County Council 


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