The environmental issues that concern KEF the most include: climate change, energy, sustainable local development and transport, biodiversity, waste. air quality... Some of these issues, like climate change, are global - but will affect Kingston and need to be kept on the local agenda. Others, like local development, local biodiversity and green spaces, air quality, energy efficiency and waste and recycling are more obviously local matters in which KEF and its members, and many local residents, take an interest and on which we can take action.

Please see Useful Links for a full list of current member groups and their websites,  About KEF for background information about KEF and some of its concerns and actions, and News for updates from KEF and our member-groups.


KEF, and KEG before it, have liaised regularly with the Council about local biodversity and green space issues...

Reducing waste and increasing re-use and recycling are concerns for all environmentalists, and effective action on these will help to keep costs down for the Council and Council tax payers.

KEF supports moves to make cycling and walking in Kingston pleasanter and safer.

Environmentalists, including KEF, are interested in promoting energy-efficiency and in producing energy sustainably.

Flooding is a risk in Kingston upon Thames and we have collected together some useful documents on reducing the risks.

A collection of useful information intended to assist local development to be as environmentally sustainable as possible

A topical environmental and public health concern in Kingston and Greater London