Today’s @IPCC research is clear: we need to take urgent action to keep the hope of limiting global heating to 1.5°C alive. The window of opportunity is closing, but it’s not slammed shut yet. That means we need our governments to take immediate action to reduce emissions. 

Every tiny increase in global heating is serious, and makes every one of us less safe. We’re already seeing an increase in extreme weather like flooding, heatwaves and super strength storms. These will only get worse unless we take real action today that can reduce how often and strong deadly weather will be in the future. 

We already know what we need to do to tackle climate change. We can take action right now by:

  • Saying no to polluting fossil fuels 
  • Shifting to clean cars and vans, like electric cars
  • Stopping deforestation, and protecting and restoring nature the world over
  • Meeting financial obligations to support people on the frontline of the climate crisis

Why now? In 2015, 195 countries went to Paris to talk about climate change. We agreed that we need to stop the Earth warming by more than 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels as a result of our actions. Those same countries are meeting in Glasgow in November to talk about how they deliver their plans to create a safer future in the coming years, and are meant to be bringing their latest, most ambitious plans. The time for action is now. #COP26