Kingston Council to debate declaring a climate emergency

Time for Kingston Council to declare a Climate Emergency? Our Council could perhaps be persuaded if enough of us contacted our ward councillors to ask them to support declaring a climate emergency - visit them, email them, or write them a letter in the next 3 weeks - as the Council will debate declaring a climate emergency on 24 April -

Some of the arguments you could use:
- There are only 12 years left in which to prevent catastrophic climate change -
- Councils all over the world are declaring a Climate Emergency -……/climate-emergency-declaration-council……/youth-climate-change-strikers…
- Climate Emergency Declarations entail a commitment to take action locally, and also send a strong signal to Government that it must do more to implement the Paris Agreement.

Writing to MPS and councillors – general advice 
- Be polite and use evidence where possible
- Use your own words and arguments – politicians respond better to personal communications than to standard letters, post-cards or petitions, and will usually assume that yours is the tip of an iceberg, that there are many other voters who agree with you.
- Ask a question or two that they will be obliged to answer and perhaps to research (e g, by contacting the relevant government Minister).
- Type in your postcode on this website to find contact details for your ward councillors, your London Assembly members, your MP, and your MEPs. 
- If you're feeling energetic, you could write to your MP too.