At our February 2019 meeting it was agreed that the more useful functions of KEF – providing expertise and advice on environmental issues, responding to local consultations, occasional working parties on specific local concerns etc, could continue very well without the need for a collective view or for quarterly KEF meetings (with all the associated effort of finding venues, agendas, notes, reports...) or attendance at other stakeholder meetings. 

Member-groups could and would still offer advice to the Council as needed or requested, and liaise with relevant councillors and council officers on their own areas of expertise, as most do already, without needing to offer a collective KEF view. Member-groups could also support the Council when it was undertaking useful environmental actions (e g Go Cycle) and nudge it generally in the right direction; in fact, there could be more useful and better focused interactions with the Council this way than via KEF. Members with particular topical concerns could still call upon KEF via the Facebook group to form working groups and perhaps produce statements that could be held here on the KEF website.

KEF's latest (February 2019) Terms of Reference, taking into account this decison to reduce our activities, are published at,_Feb_2019.doc