The consultation on London's Utra-Low Emissions Zone closes 28 Feb 2018. It is very easy to fill in and can be accessed at Apart from broadly supporting the proposals, which entails simple clicks, there is space for further comments, where KEF added the following, based on meetings attended by KEF members, particularly those convened by MASC and LSX:


"Charging per day could be less effective in reducing emissions than, say, charging per hour - as a daily charge, once incurred, could just be an incentive to keep driving around London all day. Also, as a resident in outer London, I would welcome extending the charge to either the Greater London boundary or the M25 - some suburban roads are very congested and polluted already, and a central London charge would probably divert yet more traffic to the suburbs with negative effects on our air quality.
Penalty charges need to go hand-in-hand with local and national government incentives to scrap diesel and petrol vehicles, and action to increase the number of clean buses and improve charging infrastructure for electric vehicles."