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Kingston Environment Forum (KEF) is a network of local environmental organisations covering a wide range of blue and green issues in Kingston. We hope to influence and assist Kingston Council and others to promote environmental sustainability in Kingston upon Thames. KEF began life as Kingston's Eco-Footprint Working Group, developed into Kingston Environment Group and a member of Kingston Strategic Partnership, and changed its name in 2014 to Kingston Environment Forum to reflect its role more accurately.

KEF includes a range of local groups (charities, not-for-profit groups and groups of volunteers - see Useful Links for a list of member-groups) with an interest in environmental issues and activities in the Borough. New green groups in the borough are welcome to join (just ask) and/or to join in discussions on our Facebook page. Find out more in KEF Terms of Reference, Sept 2018 and our Revised Terms of Reference, Feb 2019Our main aim is to influence Council plans and to advise and assist on the implementation of the first theme in the Kingston Plan: "A sustainable Kingston: protecting and enhancing the environment for us and for future generations", with its objectives of tackling climate change, reducing our ecological footprint, ensuring sustainable development and transport in Kingston, and protecting and improving the quality of our local environment.

Currently we don't hold meetings and only attend meetings as KEF when invited and relevant to our concerns, though our member-groups are active and available to advise the Council and others on a range of environmental matters, and this website exists to share occasional news and a useful collection of resources. KEF is also open to hosting events and discussions on cross-cutting local environmental issues, ideas and offers welcome.

There is no need to join this website if you have local environmental concerns or questions - we suggest you go to our Facebook page or consult one of our member groups. You can contact the KEF coordinator via this email.

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KEF has been participating in the Council's Covid Recovery Taskforce and its Volunteering and Mental Health and Wellbeing subgroups.