1. Name

The name of the group shall be The New Friends of Northumberland


2. Objects

The objects of The New Friends of Northumberland Park are:

To work in partnership with North Tyneside Council to help improve and maintain

Northumberland Park.

To raise awareness of the history and heritage of the Park.

To actively encourage conservation and nurture the flora and fauna of the Park.

To promote the use, enjoyment and upkeep of Northumberland Park.

3. Area of Benefit

Northumberland Park (NE30 2HA) and appropriate areas of North Tyneside.

4. Powers

To further the objects, The New Friends of Northumberland Park has the power to:

4.1 Recruit volunteers and employ and pay staff.

4.2 Work in partnership with other organisations.

4.3 Invest funds in any lawful way. Professional advice should be taken when


4.4 Raise funds by any lawful means except permanent trading.

4.5 Accept gifts either for the general purposes of the New Friends of

Northumberland Park or for a specific purpose within or connected with the


4.6 Do anything else within the law which promotes or helps to promote the


5. Membership

5.1 Membership is open to any individual aged 18 or over or organisation

that agrees with the objects. Each member has one vote.

5.2 The Committee may set up a youth membership and any other types of

membership that they decide.

5.3 The Committee must keep an up to date list of the members of The New

Friends of Northumberland Park.

5.4 A member may resign by written notice to the group.

5.5 If the Committee considers that a member’s conduct is harmful to the group

5.5.1 The Committee should ask the member concerned, or someone on

behalf of the member concerned, to put their case to a committee


5.5.2 If after hearing the member’s case the Committee decides that the

member should leave the group, they may terminate the membership

by written notice. That notice is final.

6. The Committee

6.1 The group shall be managed by a Committee of not less than three and not

more than fifteen members. All Committee members must be members of

the group.

6.2 The term of office for Committee members shall be for a period of two years,

from the end of the AGM that they were elected at to the end of the AGM in

two years time. Half of the Committee will stand down at each AGM. The

Secretary will keep a record of Committee members’ appointment dates.

6.3 Committee members will be eligible for re-election at the end of their period

of service.

6.4 Nominations for the Committee will be received at least seven days before

the AGM.

6.5 If there are more nominations than places available on the Committee, a

secret ballot will be held.

6.6 Should a vacancy occur and it deemed necessary, an election will be held at

a General meeting. The member elected shall serve the remainder of the

term of office of the member replaced.

6.7 The Committee’s officers shall include a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and

any other officers that the Committee decides. The Committee will elect the

Chairman and the Secretary. The Treasurer will be either elected or co-opted

by the Committee.

6.8 Officers of the Committee will be elected at the first meeting following the

AGM, which will be held a minimum of seven days after the AGM.

Nominations for the Committee's officers will be received no later than seven

days before this meeting.

6.9 Officers are elected to serve for one year until the Committee meeting

following the AGM. It is normally expected that officers will serve up to a

maximum of three years in post unless the Committee agrees to an


6.10 Should a vote for post of officers become necessary, a secret ballot will be


6.11 A committee member can only fill one position.

6.12 The Committee shall meet a minimum of four times a year, and must keep a

formal record of all meetings.

6.13 The quorum for a management Committee meeting is three members.

6.14 Each member has one vote and, if the vote is tied, the Chair has a second

casting vote.

7, General meetings

7.1 The Secretary must give 14 days notice of a general meeting to all members.

7.2 All members are entitled to attend and vote at the meetings.

7.3 The quorum for the meeting is five members, or a tenth of the membership,

whichever is the greater.

7.4 A formal record of a general meeting shall be kept.

7.5 The annual general meeting (AGM) will be held within six months of the

financial year-end of the group.

7.6 The AGM will

Receive nominations for members of the committee.

Elect the members of the committee.

Receive a report of the year’s activities.

Receive the year’s accounts.

7.7 The Committee can call a special general meeting (SGM) at any time. If five

members request a SGM in writing, the Secretary must call one.

8. Finance

8.1 All funds belonging to or raised for The New Friends of Northumberland Park

must be used in furthering the objects.

8.2 The Treasurer shall keep an account of all income and expenditure and shall

present examined accounts at the AGM.

8.3 An independent examiner, who is not a member of the group, shall be

appointed to examine the accounts.

8.4 There shall be one or more bank or building society accounts in the name of

the group. Cheques must be signed by two committee members, who must

not be related

8.5 Committee members may claim reasonable out-of-pocket expenses on terms

approved of by the Committee. No other payments can be made to

members of the group.

9 Changes to the constitution

This constitution can only be changed at a general meeting. The Secretary must

give 14 days notice of the meeting to all members, along with proposed changes to

the constitution. For the constitution to be changed, over half the members present

at the meeting must agree.

10 Dissolution

10.1 The New Friends of Northumberland Park can only be dissolved at a general

meeting. The Secretary must give 14 days notice of the meeting to all

members, along with details of the proposed dissolution. For the group to

be dissolved, over half the members present at the meeting must agree.

10.2 If the members agree that the group should be dissolved, any assets

remaining after the clearing of all debts and liabilities shall be given to a

group with similar objects or, if this cannot be done, to any charitable


11 A copy of this constitution shall be available to all members

This constitution was approved at a general meeting of The New Friends of

Northumberland Park

at (place)

on (date)

Signed Chair