This group will seek funding for various projects within the park. We are supported by North Tyneside External Funding Officers who help to find funding routes suitable for our needs and also assist with putting together applications.

 Being part of this group will involve occasional meetings with the Funding Officers (usually daytime).   In addition, the group meets quarterly to review finance/needs (usually early evening).   In 2011, we raised £9,968 from Awards for All which has funded many of the Gardening Group activities, particularly the creation of a butterfly area and small wetland along the link path to Tynemouth Station.

We were also awarded £1,000 from the Lord Mayor's Fund which was used to improve the Park Avenue and King Edward Road flower beds.

In conjunction with North Tyneside Council, funding was obtained from SITA trust to create a Medieval Herb Garden in the park close to the site of St Leonard's Hospital.    We were successful in receiving an award of £6,950 from The Big Society Community Investment Fund to go towards this project.  The Garden was opened in 2013.

The group also raise funds by raffles at meetings together with running tombola, cake and herb stalls at events in the park.   The money raised from these is mainly used for keeping our bird feeding stations around the park topped up.

A very generous donation from S & B EPS Limited of Dudley, Cramlington has helped us to buy our own display boards for events and also lots more plants for the gardening group. A further very generous donation from the same source was received in March 2013. Thank you!

In recent years we have been seeking substantial funding for a proposed Medieval Labyrinth in the Park.  We have nearly reached our target and hope to see work starting on this later this year (2021)