The Gardening Group

 The garden group meets every Friday 10am at the Bowling Green huts.  All welcome to join us, no tools needed, we have our own stock.  Below are some of our earlier projects.

Weeding and planting ferns on rockeryMembers of the gardening group weeding and planting ferns in the fern rockery.

Wework closely with North Tyneside Council in planning projects within the park.  Here is an example of some of the changes we've made.

Park Avenue border March 2011

Park Avenue border 2011

Park Avenue border September 2012

Park Avenue border September  2012

King Edward Road border March 2011King Edward Road Border March 2011

King Edward Road border May 2012King Edward Road border May 2012


Newly developed wetland area 

Wetland area along the Link Path.

     Planting wetland plugs

Starting to plant up the wetland area


planting bowling green rockery

   Planting up bowling green rockery. 


Duke of Edingburgh students raking off wildflower area  

Duke of Edinburgh students from Marden High raking off the wildflower meadow in butterfly area.

Currently (2021) we are concentrating our efforts on maintaining the Medieval Herb Garden together with the Fern Rockery below it.    We also maintain the King Edward Road border.   Once the Labyrinth is built we will be invoved in planting to futher enhance the site.


No experience or tools needed but, if possible, bring your own gardening gloves.

For more information contact Sheila on 07854034336

or e-mail