education 1819

Clayton School 1819


Board School Infants c1925

 schoo, inf 1925

Church School c 1925


edu 1925


Church School c 1930

edu 1930

Church School 1922

edu 1922

Clayton Board School 1951

edu 1951

Clayton Board School c1932

edu 1932





Church School Headmaster c 1920

edu headmaster
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School children on recreation ground c1930

edu delph

Clayton School 1947

 school stanley 47
Back Row  L-R  Ralph Smith, Bobby Kirk, Peter Langley, Geoffrey Mitchell, John Hancock,  Kenneth Gross,  Robert Brown,  Jack Smith,  Keneth Grovner
Middle Row  L-R  Doreen Boyes, Christine Carter, Constance Fielding, Lynne Dalby, Shirley Holland, Mrs Stanley (teacher), June Walker, Gertrude Popplewell, Audrey Green, Freeda Stott
Front Row  L-R  Rose Healey, Pat Scott, Jacqueline Walsh, ????, Evelyn Raw,  Ann Harboard,  Margaret Pearson

Board School 1929 (11year  olds)

board 29

From The Back
J.Toothill, R.Burrows, S.Mitchell, G.Priestley, R.Hodson, A.Adamson, G.Rowley, J.Bartle, T.Harrison.
Miss. Metcalfe,L.firth, H.Rowley, H.Smith, I.Smith, H.Metcalfe, M.Etchells, M.Cormack, R.Armstrong, G.Atkinson.
M.Ackroyd, M.Pattison, D.Gledhill, N.Robertshaw, M.Moorhouse, D.Dean, R.Smith, I.Kirby, A.Rushworth.
C.Metcalfe, M.Field, N.Kitson, M.Ibbotson, D.Johnson, H.Holmes, A.Catton.

Board School 1929 (10year  olds)

school cowling heighton
Back Row
Doris Scanlan, K.Bradley, Wilfred Metcalfe, Jack Stocks, David Hindle, Lawrence Robinson, Kitty Holland.
Middle Row
Annie Cowling, Agnes Robinson, Doreen Smithies, Janet Cooper Gladys Heighton, Norah Stocks.
Front Row
Jack Briggs, Victor Smith, Arnold Ramsden, James Bartle.

Board School 1930 (11 year olds)school board 30

Back Row Jack Stocks, Clifford Mitchell, Donald Hardaker, John Baguely, Jack Briggs, James Bartle, Bernard Lean, Fred Woodhead. Standing Girls Irene Story, Vera Hardaker, Gladys Heighton, Kitty Holland, Francis Ibbotson, Phyllis Heywood, Mildred Gledhill, Lena Bartle, Janet Cooper, Doris Scanlan, Agnes Robinson, Joyce Muscroft, Annie Cowling, Nora Stocks,Gladys Balding, Marion Yewdall, Margaret Bairstow,  Seated Girls Miss metcalfe, Doreen Smithies, Mollie Fieldhouse, Kathleen Harwood, Alice Bairstow, Jean Wilkinson, Nellie Midgley. Boys  Stanley Mitchell, Kenneth bradley, George Rowley, Gilbert Armistead, Lawrence Robinson, Jack Waddington, Wilfred Metcalfe, Victor Jory.   *************

Board School c1930

school board 30


May Queen 1949 Infants School

school May queen

Clayton Junior high c 1970

junios high 70