Old Maps

Fall Top Quarries c 1960

Map Fall top
Fall Top. Also visible is the Queensbury end of the Clayton railway tunnel.

Brow Mill c 1870

Map brow Mill
Showing location of Brow Mill, in relation to Brow Top Farm and surrounding area.

Map of Clayton 1873

Map clayton



Clayton c1875

Map 1873
Clayton centered around Lot 13, on which was built the houses in Oak Street and Cobden Street. Oak Mill and Beck Mill are clearly shown.

Clayton and Surrounding Area       c1840

map 1840
One of the earliest, detailed maps in the archive.

Clayton and Surrounding Area 1771

Map 1771
Map taken from larger map of Bradford which was lacking in detail.

Clayton c1860

Map shows St John's Church and Green End area of Clayton.

Holme House Garden c 1886

maps beck mill garden

Showing, The drive, glass house, fountain, ornamental gardens and pond. Also can be seen the area of tree's on which area Alexander Square would later be built